Method Man Reaching New Heights with TICAL Weed

Stephen Andrews
02 Mar 2024

His real name is Clifford Smith, Jr., but to the world he is better known as Method Man. The American rapper, record producer, and actor, rose to stardom as part of the popular '90s hip-hop collective Wu-Tang Clan. These days, Method Man is making waves with his cannabis brand TICAL.

Method Man’s love for marijuana has been public since the release of his debut material, Tical, in 1994. The Wu-Tang Clan legend these days is busy around his own cannabis brand by the same name, TICAL!

Meth launched TICAL cannabis back in 2020. Since then, the brand has reached dispensary stores across 11 legal weed states around the U.S., including California, Colorado, and New York. 

This March, TICAL is finally coming to the Staten Island borough, the place where Meth grew up. Just in time for the rapper’s birthday which falls on March 2. He’s turning 53 this year!

TICAL Weed Homecoming

The cannabis brand TICAL is coming to the New York City’s boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Weed from the rapper’s brand will be available through the delivery-based dispensary HighStone, which is opening its first physical shop in Staten Island in March, according to Forbes

This is great news for Method Man. There are certainly many Wu-Tang Clan fans who will be most curious to try Method Man’s cannabis products in the legend’s birthplace. 

“TICAL has not only become tightly woven into the tapestry of both hip hop and cannabis culture alike, it has also reflected an entire movement, lifestyle, and swagger — emblematic of the man who created it,” goes the brand description on the company’s website. 

Even more significant for Staten Island is that TICAL is a brand that prioritizes Black, female and other minority-owned partners. Industry insiders believe that the presence of TICAL will prompt other entrepreneurs in Staten Island to collaborate with Black and minority-owned cannabis brands as well. 

Just recently, TICAL was also relaunched in Nevada, after the company renewed a partnership with Global Harmony Cannabis. 

Method Man’s Battle with Depression and Insomnia

Fame is not easy, especially when you are young and suddenly find yourself in the spotlight all of the time. It’s what happened with Method Man in the 1990s.

It would take the rapper many years to realize how much the craze and fandom affected his mental well-being. Like many other stars before and after him, Meth found himself in the vicious cycle of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. 

Method Man openly spoke about how he tackled his depression and insomnia in an interview for Men’s Health last year. Cannabis was one of the medicines. 

“It went from this childhood joy to this euphoric feeling of celebrity to feeling inadequate and not good enough,” he told the publication. “And not even knowing that I’ve been depressed since I was a youngster. A lot of PTSD I had never dealt with before started resurfacing,” he admitted. 

“In hindsight, you delve deeper into your psyche and see where certain things come from. I just wasn’t a happy person. It reached a point where misery was loving company, and the people around me were just as miserable. So, it kind of fits. Then I got tired of it and did not want to be around miserable people anymore,” he said. 

What did he do to overcome this crisis? According to the interview for Men’s Health, the rapper took on an 18-month journey to battle insomnia. He engaged in late-night gym sessions and took a combo of protein shakes and weed in the morning, and it eventually helped him recover. 

In the interview, Meth further explains his morning routine nowadays. He is not much of a coffee fan. He doesn’t do coffee, he revealed. Rather, he sticks to the weed.

“I smoke a blunt when I take a shit; I don’t like coffee. After you take a shit, what do you do? You turn on the radio, and crank that shower up. This is every day for me. Same shit, too. Depending on what the song is, I may do a few dance moves, but I’m about my business in that shower, wash my shit up,” the rapper explained. 

“When I come out, my blunt is usually waiting for me. I light that motherfucker back up while I brush my teeth. And you have to brush each side. There are eight different spots, 30 seconds each. Once I come out of there and finish my blunt, I make my little protein shake, and then I get ready for the gym. That’s what the morning is for me,” he said.  

That’s certainly one hell of a morning routine to stick with in your 50s! Many happy returns of the day, Meth!

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