Is Going Out More Fun with Cannabis?

Stephen Andrews
05 Feb 2024

To get high before crawling the bars or not, that is the question on Friday night. Going out with cannabis could truly mean having more fun. Still, it would depend on a few other factors, including what kind of strain you smoke and what is your typical experience with weed. The people you’re with and the places you go are also important. Not every friend is a great match to get high with. Neither is every place suitable to show up visibly high there.

Weed can make some things certainly more sensational, such as food, music, sex, or spending time in nature. 

On the other hand, there is the great “danger” that anything that might cause even a little anxiety can feel extremely unpleasant when you’re stoned. The things that you can easily manage when sober can become overwhelming when under the influence of weed. 

Intellectual activities also become harder. You might struggle with the same paragraph you are reading over and over. Or you might have a great idea and as you try to write it down on a piece of paper you misspell almost every word in the sentence. 

But what about being high while out downtown? It could be the time of your life, but at other times it could also feel like paying out karma to the universe.  

It all comes down to how much you are personally comfortable going out with cannabis. If you toke all the time and enjoy yourself for it, then seeing a movie in the theater or showing up stoned at a friend’s party should probably be just a normal part of everything. 

How to Stay Comfortable When Going Out with Weed?

Your going out will be more worthwhile if you learn how to manage yourself while under the influence of cannabis. Here are a few tips from the experts. 

1. Use a strain that keeps you engaged with the world. 

Having a blast someplace downtown will depend on the social context or how familiar and comfortable you feel with the venue and the people you are with. Weed should help you feel more enjoyable about all of it, and be more connected when someone approaches for a conversation. It’s not the point to lock yourself inside your mind. What helps is using a stimulating strain that turns you into a sociable, talkative, self-confident beast. 

2. Take care of your liquids

Weed is a well-known diuretic. Having a glass of water will freshen you up, especially after smoking a lot or if mixing alcohol on the occasion. Drinking more water will activate the bladder, but it will keep you going if you are up for spending the whole evening outside. Having a snack can save the day if it feels like your energy is running out. 

3. Timed intervals 

Getting to feel the good head buzz just as the concert begins, that’s good timing. But it might not be the most pleasant experience when you anticipate the peak high from that joint to be in ten minutes, just as your Uber is about to arrive, or when you’re supposed to meet colleagues from work who actually don’t like to smoke. Those long painful minutes might be the reason you almost regret leaving home. Timing when to toke is important to avoid these glitches in the matrix. 

4. Don’t tell anyone you’re high 

Most people won’t even notice you might be stoned. Unless your eyes are popping out like popcorns (which is why God created eye drops). There’s a special kind of comfort and security about not revealing to the world that you are high. Some people might start poking you about it. Your inner self can feel they are judgy. Just say I had too many shots of tequila if you ever need to get defensive. 

5. Move around the place

If you feel like you are zoning out after spending the last half an hour at the same spot, it’s time to get up from the chair and get your blood going. Stagnation is not doing much favor when you use cannabis on your night out. It’s better to change settings and conversations, especially if a certain situation starts to affect your mood. If it feels like you can’t beat gravity, that might be a good time to start planning how to go back home to your bed. 

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Stephen Andrews