Famous Travel Destinations for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Stephen Andrews
15 Sep 2023

Cannabis tourism is an exciting new branch in the travel market. The very idea that you can easily access and purchase marijuana is becoming increasingly important for a lot of leisure travelers. According to some estimates, around 30% of all travelers want to indulge in cannabis while on vacation. Where in the world are some of the best places to have that? Let’s take a look. We’ve compiled a list of cannabis destinations worthwhile the visit.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain in general is one of the most attractive countries for visit and travel. Who can resist the fiesta on its beaches, the sunny weather and the best sangria in the world? The country’s Mediterranean climate is ideal also for cultivating marijuana, so here you can find some of the best weed in Europe. Sun-grown and stimulating. Barcelona is perhaps the most popular tourist destination, and there's also the city's thriving cannabis scene. Over 200 cannabis clubs are located in Barcelona, thus it’s easy to detect that smell and follow its source. Barcelona also hosts one of the biggest annual cannabis events in Europe, Spannabis. It takes place every March, so that's an excellent excuse to book a flight and visit this great Mediterranean city before the peak of season. While there, you can also check out the Hash Marihuana & Hemp museum. 

Freetown Christiania, Denmark

A visit to the Danish capital of Copenhagen would mean a mandatory stop at the city’s infamous hippie enclave Christiania. The place functions as an autonomous zone, with weed being sold on the main street, called Pusher Street, for over five decades now. The city authorities have remained tolerant to the illegal trade taking place in the enclave. Most of the area visitors are foreigners. So, besides supplying hashish and pot, Christiania is a great place to meet people from all over the world. Sadly, a recent surge in street gang violence in the area has raised the alarm among authorities, prompting calls to shut down the sales of drugs within the enclave. Hopefully, Christiania will reclaim its peace and continue to be Copenhagen’s pilgrimage spot for the entire cannabis community, as it has been until now. 

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

An obvious but not an overrated destination. Can anyone not enter Amsterdam’s dimmed and hazy coffeeshops? Plenty of choice, too. You can find high-quality smoke from many different strains, including cannabis cup winners. Or perhaps opt for some crunchy space cookie. While the Dutch capital really is a heaven on earth for weed, the city authorities have recently introduced a number of measures to limit mass tourism. This has included a ban on smoking in the city’s famed Red Light district. The purpose of the enforcement is to improve the livelihood of locals who have long complained about noisy and rowdy visitors. The latest measures are certainly a warning. You are always welcome to Amsterdam, the Mecca for cannabis tourists in Europe and the world. But please behave yourself and respect the locals. 

Toronto, Canada

If you are searching for the Canadian version of Amsterdam, head to no other place than Toronto. The city now has more than 150 marijuana dispensaries, which is massive compared to the pre-pandemic years. The rule is that you are at least 19 years old, and if that's so, you can carry up to an ounce of weed on your person. You can easily locate each dispensary in the city using the Ontario Cannabis Store. Even before Canada became only the second country in the world to entirely legalize weed, Toronto users were free to smoke weed without needing to worry too much about the police. The city also has a number of medicinal marijuana clubs, which can be great for meeting and socializing with other medical users. 

recommended travel destinations for cannabis users
A street scene from Amsterdam.


Another highly recommended destination for cannabis connoisseurs is, of course, Jamaica. Ganja is an important part of the local culture there, and it won’t take long to find some once you land in the capital of Kingston. The Reggae Island is full of other pleasant surprises. For example, Kingston has a dedicated museum to legendary icon Bob Marley. There are places on the island, like Montego Bay, where you can find high-quality local buds. Negril is another spot where you can enjoy a puff in a laid-back atmosphere. Farming cannabis is important for the community, and if your journey takes you to places such as Ocho Rios, you can even try and see some of the farms there and meet with growers. 


One of the great cannabis destinations in South America is Uruguay. The country made history in 2013 when it became first in the world to fully legalize marijuana. Its capital Montevideo is one of the best places for a stopover. Every year, thousands of Brazilians, Argentines and other Latin Americans visit the ExpoCannabis in Montevideo just to buy local weed. As a matter of fact, foreigners are not allowed to purchase marijuana; it’s legal only if you are a resident. Still, there is a thriving black market and it’s fairly easy to find weed. Another perk from traveling to Uruguay? The local herbal drink mate is really nice and heart-warming, and you can also find it infused.


A lot has been said and written about Thailand over the last few years. The South Asian country has seen a massive boom in cannabis. Since the kingdom decriminalized marijuana, everyone has been investing in cannabis. The new cannabis laws have certainly attracted thousands of tourists into Thailand. Many of them come from other Asian countries where the prohibition continues. But the Buddhist kingdom is the land of the free. In the country’s clinics you can find pretty much anything you can imagine. From fresh flower to infused local treats, milk tea, caramel popcorn, CBD mocktails, beauty products, hemp toothpaste... there really is no limit to what's on the offer in the local shops around. 

The United States

More than half Americans currently have access to legal weed. Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Las Vegas, and New York are just some of the places where cannabis enthusiasts can go and really have a blast. California has some of the coolest dispensaries. In the valley, you can find all kinds of tours, retreats and festivals. Though, you will probably discover the real gems when you go to the small shops where they sell craft flower.

With its bohemian spirit, Portland is another great cannabis destination. The offer includes, among other things, local food carts, microbreweries, and CBD cafes that prepare special hemp sauces and vegan chocolate. The home city to the first cannabis café in the U.S. is not too far from Salem, where the annual Hemp and Cannabis Fair takes place. 

With more than 300 dispensaries and a range of marijuana-spiced activities, Denver is another definite on the list. Sign up for a cannabis cooking masterclass or hone your skills at the local sushi and joint-rolling session. It's just some of the things you can do. 

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