Airbnb Partners with Californian Cannabis Farm

Stephen Andrews
11 Apr 2022

Ahead of the 420 unofficial cannabis holiday, Airbnb lists accommodation adjacent to a cannabis farm. It's another stimulus for cannabis tourists who want to get closer in touch with cannabis during their journeying around the country. The farm is situated southeast of Mendocino County, a region famous for craft cannabis cultivation. The exclusive stay option is marketed as "Live the High Life at Sonoma Hills Farm" on the Airbnb listings.

Airbnb announced a new limited-time stay at a Northern California farmhouse overlooking the 60-acre Sonoma Hills Farm, which bills itself as a "premium craft cannabis farm and organic culinary garden." During the stay, guests will be joined by Sonoma's Chief Cannabis Cultivator, Aaron Keefer, previously a lead culinary gardener at The French Laundry in Napa. 

"Our goal is to normalize growing hemp and cannabis by demonstrating it's just like any other plant, with benefits to both humans and the earth," Keefer said in a statement. 

"By offering an insider's look into how we carefully cultivate our products—be they vegetables or cannabis strains—we hope to offer a stay that's equal parts relaxing and enriching," Keefer said.  

He added: "By connecting with the land, guests will leave with a different perspective than when they arrived and will have supported our farm in a meaningful way." 

The Airbnb listing reads: "It's in this valley where the finest ingredients are produced in harmony with nature and the elements that it brings. Just as a highly tended garden produces the best crops, and a well managed vineyard is crucial to crafting a fine wine, the best cannabis is reliant upon the people and philosophies that nurture it from seed to shelf." 

The exclusive one-night stays are offered between April 30 and May 3. However, guests at the farm would not be in direct contact with any licensed cannabis plants or products. Due to legal limitations and regulations, the listing clarifies that "guests will not be visiting a licensed cannabis marijuana grow or interacting with cannabis marijuana." The listing is also checked not suitable for children and infants. 

"Guests instead have access to a neighboring private home, vegetable garden and cannabis hemp farm. These plants look and smell identical to the cannabis marijuana plants, but contain less than 1% THC and are federally legal. In addition, they'll have access to all of the other produce on the property." A selection of CBD products from renowned Californian brands such as Rose Los Angeles, Green Bee Botanicals and Potli, among others, are mentioned in the listing. 

An offering labeled "Regenerative Recreation" would also allow guests to explore the farm's dedication to regenerative farming practices and spend time with the home's two permanent residents, Curly Sue the Mangalitsa pig and Tony the Highland cow.

A partnership between Airbnb and Regeneration International, a nonprofit organization that promotes regenerative agriculture and fights for climate stability, is also set to fundraise money. "In appreciation for Sonoma Hills farm's regenerative and sustainable cannabis cultivation, Airbnb will make a donation to Regeneration International to support their mission to reverse global warming and end world hunger by facilitating and accelerating the global transition to regenerative agriculture and land management," the listing reads. 

A night at Sonoma costs $60, a sum symbolic of the 60 acres of property on the farm. Bookings become available on April 20 at 10 am PT, and it will probably take minutes before the offer is sold out and closed for the foreseeable future. 

Stephen Andrews