Cannabis Getaway for Women

Stephen Andrews
18 Sep 2023

Cannabis entrepreneurs have been exploring various venues where users of different backgrounds and generations can come together, connect and have meaningful experiences while also enjoying some infused goodies. MoodRXtreat is one such example. The goal of this retreat program is to create a space where women, who’re above the age of 30, can relax, recharge, network and support each other. Read more how the program was created and who's its founder.

MoodRXtreats was launched by cannabis advocate and entrepreneur Holly Teegarden. The company hosts cannabis-friendly getaways for women in their 30s and 40s. The MoodRXtreats program provides various activities for participants, such as meditation, yoga, sound baths, karaoke, as well as cannabis-infused workshops led by an expert. Retreat-goers also indulge in healthy foods where the meals are prepared with fresh, local ingredients, depending on where the retreat is taking place. 

What Makes the MoodRXtreat Cannabis Getaway so Special? 

MoodRXtreats has quickly caught attention as a venture where women who enjoy cannabis can connect, support and benefit from a rich array of activities. The creator of this initiative, Holly Teegarden, herself in the late 40s, came up with the idea for MoodRXtreats after she failed to a find a retreat program that would fit her interests and profile. Most getaways are designed for women in their 20s, and they miss on substance. There was a huge gap, age-wise. 

MoodRXtreats would not be Teegarden’s first business adventure. She’s a cannabis entrepeneur with experience, having found Moodporium, a dispensary based in Pittsburgh where she's native; and she also have Cannamood Apparel, a clothing line that complements MoodRXtreats. 

“I noticed that women in the 30+ age group are unrepresented in cannabis merch, products, and communities,” Teegarden said in an interview for Michigan Chronicle. “I wanted to create a retreat business that combines all my favorite things: travel, good food, beautiful accommodations, cannabis, woo-woo stuff, and hanging out with broads like myself.”

Her cannabis getaway program has so far explored locations in New York and Michigan. Each retreat is set in a carefully selected Airbnb, where the location has to be scenic. 

The retreat’s success probably boils down to the intentionality and specificity with which Teegarden cares to create the experience. All components of the retreat are thoroughly planned, including the activities, the food and the music. Everything is thought-out to illuminate a specific mood or feeling during every hour of the retreat. 

For example, the first night of the program is when participants are served comfort food and the music that’s played is familiar to them, such as a themed list of songs from the guests’ childhoods. The infused treats are spiced with terpenes that promote relaxation and feeling good. It is in this laid-back atmosphere that everyone begins to get to know each other. 

Along with the retreats, MoodRXtreats also has an apparel line called Cannamood Apparel. The clothing items in it, such as t-shirts and sweatshirts, are sporting weed-inspired designs. In the future, the plan is that the clothing line appears also in dispensaries and other cannabis-supportive ventures. 

Teegarden’s other future goals are to refine the retreat experience. She wants to launch a podcast and blog about cannabis and wellness. A virtual classroom within the program will be where retreat-goers can also access exclusive content and be able to build-up their connection and networking. 

The price, $1,200 for three days, in Teegarden’s own words, isn’t cheap but it’s being tied to the wide selection of cannabis products available for the women participants, as well as the other details of the getaway. Still, the charge would roughly match other cannabis retreats on the West Coast. 

With its emphasis on relaxation, healing and connection, MoodRXtreats sounds like a perfect getaway for women to find relief from everyday stress as they engage in cannabis and other authentic experiences. Have you ever been to a retreat and would you ever go on one?

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