10 Rappers Who've Launched Green Money-Making Ventures

Stephen Andrews
08 Feb 2023

Weed is like oxygen for rappers. It's something that's an essential part of hip hop culture. Now that it has become legal, more and more rappers are launching cannabis products. Almost everyone has their own strain, paraphernalia, dispensary, etc. So, let's take a look at some of the greatest rappers of our time who've become part of the cannabis industry.

Whiz Kalifa

The North Dakota native launched the Khalifa Kush cannabis strain a few years back, and it has since grown into an entire brand. His venture was launched in partnership with Cookies. Besides flower, there are now Khalifa Kush pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and concentrates. The brand is available throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Michigan, Florida, and other states. 


The Cypress Hill rapper is another high-profile performer who has turned his love of weed into a business. A few years ago, he opened a dispensary called Dr. Greenthumb. His other cannabis business ventures include the award-winning strain Tangie, and the popular YouTube show The Smokebox. Last year, 2022, he also dropped his first-ever flower line, available at Dr. Greenthumb's and Cookies dispensaries. 


The Detroit-born rapper and TV personality is probably most famous for his Napalm OG strain. Last summer, Xzibit's Napalm brand announced an exclusive partnership with Buddies Brand Inc., a cannabis company that operates primarily in California, Washington, and Oregon. Xzibit has also worked with Brass Knuckles on vape products, and he also has his line of edibles. 

Waka Flocka Flame

He is an accomplished weed smoker, and there are many wild stories about him. Beyond that, Waka Flocka is also part of the industry. His strain Flockaveli OG can be found on his cannabis farm in Michigan. His own set of bongs is available for purchase through Honey Supply. Flocka is also on the executive team of the Colorado cannabis and lifestyle brand Dro. 


He occasionally peppers some of his lyrics with pot references, however Shawn Corey Carter is not your typical "weed rapper." He is not one of those guys who would light up a big fatty in the middle of a studio session. Nevertheless, Jay-Z has followed the trends and entered the business by launching his marijuana line called Monogram. His cannabis factory is a mammoth 100,000-square-foot facility adjacent to a busy intersection in San Jose, California. 

Lil Wayne

The New Orleans rapper launched his premium brand GKUA back in 2019. His line consists of high-potency flower, vapes, concentrates, and other products. GKUA is available in most legal states. The company also hosts the so-called "GKUA VIP" parties that feature Lil Wayne and other performers. 

Juicy J

It was 2016 when Juicy announced the launch of his trippy Green Suicide strain. It came with a music video that featured Wiz Khalifa and TM88. During the pandemic, in Los Angeles, he launched his new cannabis brand Asterisks in partnership with media mogul Gary Vee and partner company Green Street Agency. 

Snoop Dogg

He is a household name in Cannabis, and he is continually working to bring new brands and new kinds of strains and edibles. He also has a venture capital company, Casa Verde, which funds cannabis startups based in both the U.S. and Europe. One of Snoop's latest ventures is with Death Row Cannabis, which released OG strains like Runtz, Strawberry Gary, and Tropicana Cookies. 

Soulja Boy

The "Crank That" hitmaker launched his premium indoor grow brand called Soulja Exotics in Los Angeles, California. He has dozens of flavorsome strains in his line of products. His yummy cultivars are grown in coco fiber. 


The Philadelphia-born rapper is said to have launched the most potent weed ever. Even Snoop Dogg has allegedly admitted it's "too much." The secret of Kurupt's Moonrock? Reportedly it's a Girl Scout Cookies strain dipped in hash oil, then enveloped in kief. 

Stephen Andrews