Wiz Khalifa's Canna Business Boom

Stephen Andrews
08 Sep 2022

It's hard to imagine the world of cannabis without names such as Wiz Khalifa. The American rapper has been a cannabis advocate ever since he launched his music career more than a decade ago. This year he released his seventh solo studio album, "Multiverse," as well as two other collaborative albums, one with Juicy J and another with Big K.R.I.T., Smoke DZA, and Girl Talk. And he also brought his cannabis brand Khalifa Kush to California through an exclusive partnership with Cookies. Today is his 35th birthday!

The Grammy and Golden Globe-nominated rapper first entered the cannabis market in 2016. Since then, his brand Khalifa Kush has evolved into its own lifestyle brand.  

Flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and concentrates from Khalifa Kush are currently available across dispensaries in California, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah, and it's very likely the brand will expand to Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. In Florida, the rapper has signed another exclusive partnership, this time with behemoth Trulieve. 

Besides weed products, Khalifa Kush offers apparel with various stoner sentiments such as "Stay Positive and Stoned" or "Smoke Better Weed." 

The Khalifa Kush lineup has offered various medical and recreational strains over the years. Asked what's his favorite strain from the bunch, Khalifa sticks to the basic. He told Forbes: "Khalifa Kush is definitely still my favorite strain, especially throughout this whole project. We've gone through a lot of testing and naming of different strains. But I always end up going back to Khalifa Kush, it's just my favorite one, it feels the best. It gets me the highest, it's a clean high." 

The Khalifa Kush strain is billed to offer a clean but balanced high without making you too sleepy or making you not want to work. Or, as Khalifa says, "KK not only takes my mind away from thinking too much or not thinking enough, but you know, I can continue to smoke it without passing out or getting too tired." 

A stoney mind always in action, is there more coming from Wiz this year? It looks like yes! The rapper's entertainment label Taylor Gang which supports a pool of talents such as Chevy Woods, Ty Dolla $ign, Juicy J, and Project Pat, made an announcement recently about a partnership with Stündenglass. It's about a special "gravity infuser" - a reinvention of the gravity bong. The limited-edition Taylor Gang x Stündenglass is available in black and gold and costs $599.95.

Wiz Khalifa's brand as an artist definitely is one of the best recognized, and his presence in the cannabis sector only adds to the magic of it all. We wish him many happy returns of the day!

Stephen Andrews