Weed and Meditation

Liz Filmer
30 Jun 2024

If you’re looking for an even higher experience, weed and meditation are fantastic ways to boost the contemplative energy of your sesh.

The first stage to reaching elevated bliss is picking an intention. What do you want to get out of your meditation? Are you looking for relief from stress? a more profound insight into the world around you? Mental transparency? Knowing what you want to achieve will permit you to skillfully chart your path for a more beneficial, mindful meditation experience. So choose and set your intention and then keep that thought when you begin your breathwork.

What Strain Should I Choose?

Choose a strain that will permit you to fuel your spiritual side for an added push into the higher realms. As with setting your intention, select a strain that matches and will assist with meeting the goals of your meditative journey. For example, if it's midday and you want to reset your clarity, choose a Sativa with energising properties to match your session. You want one that will keep you alert, rather than cause a huge crash. If you are meditating towards the end of the day and you want to relax an Indica might be better suited to help you drift off after. Always keep the characteristics of the herb in line with your meditation objectives.


The next step to an elevated state with cannabis is to mindfully select a location that is facilitative to your meditation intention. Ideally, you want a setting that is calm, quiet and peaceful, somewhere you can smoke alone without being disturbed is perfect. If you have the luxury of doing so it's great to establish a distinct area or spot as a “meditation area.” 

Before pressing play on any meditation or breathwork session you’ve chosen, take a few hits of your weed. Depending on how your tolerance is and how high you want to get, the higher you’ll get. Once the buzz begins lie back, breathe, and begin your contemplative journey to a higher consciousness.

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Liz Filmer