Willie Nelson to Release Canna Cookbook

Liz Filmer
21 May 2024

Music and counterculture icon Willie Nelson and his wife Annie are to release a collection of “cannabis-infused delicacies” in a new cookbook

The legend revealed he had stopped smoking cannabis due to health concerns back in 2019, but is still reported to vape and use edibles.

Willie & Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook is due for release on November 12th via Gallery Books. The 256-pager will bring together Nelsons' passion for storytelling and herbal remedies alongside his wife's passion for making home-cooked meals”.

The press release adds, 
“In the Nelson family’s first-ever cookbook, we’re cooking with good vibes only. Drawn from their favourite meals on nationwide tours, at the ranch, at home, and in their favourite cities along the way, these recipes have stories to tell – and what better way to enjoy a good meal than with a high-flying tale and a relaxing buzz?"

Each recipe is described as potentially providing a cannabis kick to ease the mind and body. The cookbook is billed as a compelling, comforting, and animated way to delve into their story, as they draw from meals that they have shared with family, friends, and fans alike.

The book will include “delicious and easy” recipes for popular dishes such as Fried Chicken, Buffalo wings, chocolate cake, fried chicken and more. Additionally, it features an extra chapter that “provides a full breakdown of the best and most versatile cannabis-infused base ingredients such as cannabutter, oil, syrups, salts, sugars and tinctures.

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