The Art of Canna Bonsai

Liz Filmer
24 Jun 2024

Bonsai is a form of art. The crafting of tiny trees that are aesthetically pleasing and have amazing, texture and colour. Growing bonsai is a lifetime commitment and an exercise in patience, labour and attention to detail.

The History of Bonsai

The word “Bonsai” is Japanese however the art of growing dwarf trees in small containers arose first in China. First called “pun-sai” it has been practised since 700 AD. The cultivation of bonsai was only enjoyed by the upper classes of society and was often given as luxury gifts.

Growing a bonsai tree can take a lifetime. It can take many years of pruning and shaping just to achieve the correct form of the tree. For the rest of its life then the grower has a responsibility to continuously prune, shape and water it accurately to maintain the unique shape.

There are a few things to consider with cannabis bonsai. Firstly cannabis is an annual plant. Once the buds are ready, the plant is usually harvested, and then growers plant new seeds and start over for the next season. However, the theory behind the art of bonsai is to cultivate a miniature tree very slowly over many years. So how can Bonsai and cannabis complement each other?

An eye for detail goes a very long way in cultivating canna bonsai trees. The skill to encourage the main stem to grow and take on an interesting shape and structure is essential. You can manipulate it into the shape of a conventional tree via low-stress training (LST) and pruning. If you do this however then you would have to remove the top buds and begin the shaping process again.

What are Some Tips for Growing Canna Bonsai?


Any strain of cannabis can be trained into a canna bonsai grower, but it is easier with a smaller, bushy strain. Indica-dominant varieties of cannabis are therefore really well suited to the practice of Bonsai. Indicas' tend to remain small, while sativas tend to grow longer and leaner and stretch more in vegetation.

Lo-stress training

You need to have some experience and knowledge of this technique if you’re going to attempt to grow a canna bonsai tree. Firstly you need to have a grasp of the fundamentals of tying your tree to its pot to influence the stems’ direction of growth.

Prune Regularly

To have full control over the shape of your bonsai tree, low-stress training is not enough on its own. You will need to prune it regularly to give it the structure that you desire.

Get Creative

Bonsai is a chance to express the magnificence and creativity of nature in a much smaller size. The shape of your tree is wholly your decision which is something that you do not not get with the trees in nature!


The act of bonsai will teach you patience. It takes years to grow and take care of a bonsai. It is important to not rush the process as that would completely defeat the purpose of what Bonsai is all about.

Enjoy it

Growing bonsai trees is more than a form of cultivation. It is a skill that can take decades to conquer. It is also still a very new thing in the world of cannabis. It’s unlikely that bonsai cannabis trees will become a major thing for cannabis growers. It is more of a niche art form for those who are fascinated by bonsai, weed and cultivation in general.

Liz Filmer