Unique Cannabis Types

Liz Filmer
12 Jan 2024

Cannabis strains all exhibit differences in resin production, colouration, stature, and shape. Here are some of the most unique and unusual genetic traits found in cannabis plants worldwide. Whether a result of genetic mutation, environment, or other unknown factors, these cannabis anomalies stand out.

Polyploid Cannabis

Polyploidy occurs in plants with more than two sets of chromosomes. Most cannabis plants are known as diploid, having only two sets of chromosomes. Polyploid cannabis plants appear to produce larger flowers with more resilience to pests and disease. In animals, this kind of mutation would be destructive, however, in plants, it is quite beneficial due to the effect of making them more adaptive and resilient.

Plant geneticists have been researching polyploids for years now to produce more potent and high-yielding strains. However, the mutation is challenging to work with and tricky to clone, currently making polyploid cannabis plants few and far between.

Albino Cannabis

Albinism is a rare genetic mutation that occurs across nature in humans, animals, and plants. An albino plant grows with a total or partial lack of chlorophyll pigmentation. This causes the plant to be much lighter or even white. Plants need chlorophyll to perform photosynthesis (covert light energy into food), so albino plants often never fully mature as they die before they reach this stage.

Black Haze

Vibrant and deep shades of purple are common in cannabis, but few strains are this distinct. Black Haze often produces flowers that are so vividly purple that they are mistaken for black. Developed by Exotic Seed in Europe, Black Haze is an auto-flowering hybrid whose genetics lie with Sir Jack x Skunk Auto and Pakistani Chitral Kush.

Other strains that can occasionally express such unusual dark shades include Black Domina, Black Lemon, Black Dahlia, and Black Diesel. The cannabis plant is known to express a myriad of other colours too including many blues, pinks, and reds.

Pinkman Goo

The Pinkman Goo strain was created by Twompson Prater of Cali Crop Doc and was first discovered via the cultivation of a selection of unidentified seeds. Pinkman Goo was given its unusual moniker thanks to little balls of goo that appeared to be secreted by the buds in weeks 3-4 of Flower. It is not known how and why these goo balls are formed, however, one theory surmises that they are a result of nighttime “respiration” following the closure of the plant's stomata.

Frisian Duck

Frisian Duck, is a hybrid strain bred by Dutch Passion Amsterdam. Designed to produce a high-yielding outdoor strain, “Ducksfoot” is a distinctive mutation that manifests in the development of oddly shaped cannabis leaves. This strain also produces stunning deep purple, compact buds that include spicy notes of citrus and pine.

Frisian Ducks' further appeal lies in its stealth appearance, with leaves that look distinctly different to your average cannabis plant it has become a top choice for growers seeking to grow cannabis more discreetly.

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