Fancy a Canna Vacation?

Liz Filmer
16 Sep 2023

We have all heard of health retreats, beauty Spas, boot camps and detox breaks as ways to reset your mind and body, but what about cannabis retreats? MoodRXtreats offers cannabis-friendly retreats for women in their 30s and 40s to create a space to relax, recharge, and connect in a supportive, judgment-free environment.

"Women in the 30+ age group are unrepresented in cannabis merch, products, and communities. I wanted to create a retreat business that combines all my favourite things: travel, good food, beautiful accommodations, cannabis and hanging out with broads like myself." -MoodRXtreat Founder Holly Teegarden.

The retreats are all-inclusive, with accommodations, food, activities, and cannabis all provided. An in-house Chef is also onsite to create delicious and healthy menus using fresh, local ingredients. The offered activities vary depending on location but typically include yoga, sound baths, meditation and cannabis-centred workshops.

The tagline for the retreats is "escape, relax, and recharge. When attending one of these retreats, you can expect to be pampered with gorgeous food, an incredible setting, fun activities, and a relaxed environment where you will meet like-minded women."

MoodRXtreats set itself apart from other cannabis-friendly retreats because of the intentionality with which it is created. The food, activities, and music are carefully considered to create a specific mood or feeling for each retreat.

For example, on the first night of a retreat, you may be served comfort food whilst listening to music from guests' childhoods alongside mocktails infused with relaxing and mood-boosting terpenes. All this is to help guests feel comfortable and at ease and set the tone for the rest of the retreat.

The retreat also has its clothing line, "Cannamood Apparel," featuring t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing items with cannabis-inspired designs. The bar is expected to be partnered with and stocked in dispensaries and other cannabis-friendly businesses.

The founder, Ms Teegarden, is also developing a podcast and blog about cannabis and wellness and a virtual community for retreat attendees. The virtual community offers exclusive content, discounts and services, and the chance to network with other women who share their interests.

Holly is focused on refining the retreat experience as a future endeavour. She plans to incorporate make-and-take options, expand on the educational components, and enhance the terpene experience further. Introducing essential oils. Future retreats are also planned in multiple new locations across the US.

MoodRXtreats is setting the standard for a unique and intentional cannabis-friendly retreat experience. With a heavy focus on relaxation, healing, and connection, it is the perfect place to escape the stress of life and reconnect with yourself and a like-minded community. Hopefully, these retreats will become more commonplace in other countries as the laws around cannabis continue to reform.

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Liz Filmer