5 Great Tips to Let Go of Stress and Live a Better Life

Soft Secrets
25 Jan 2018

Stress is, at first, a very slow thing. It’s a monster that gnaws at you quietly and keeps you awake at night as you fret over rent, utility bills, bank loans, failed relationships, and insufferable co-workers. It grows and becomes harder to deal with, and unless you find an outlet, it tends to spill over and start affecting your life. For all of those who are going through a rough patch, or who seem to be perpetually stressed, we’ve got a few tips to help you relax and finally let go of all that tension.

Author: Luke Douglas

Meditate in your own way

Look, the “omming” and the “amming” are all pretty great, but we get that traditional meditation methods won’t work for everyone. If you feel silly through the whole process, it’s very likely that meditation will only frustrate you instead of relaxing you. However, there’s a way to solve this – finding the right mantra. While most people do respond well to traditional mantras about peace and wisdom, perhaps your mantra is something more along the lines of the Jedi Code. That’s right, reciting the Jedi Code, the Litany Against Fear, or just some encouraging motivational sentence is totally allowed! Your thoughts are your own, so use an interest or a passion to soothe you – that’s profound enough.

Sweat it out

Going to the gym is a splendid idea! Pushing and straining your muscles feels amazingly relaxing, but so does, for example, dancing in your underwear. Take your pick – the gym, or the stationary bike at home, or maybe just silly dancing, or taking up yoga. Anything works, because physical activity has always been one of the most beneficial things to do in times of stress. You can take a walk, you can go hiking, you can try rock climbing, or learning how to hip hop.

Try natural solutions

Whether it’s the scent of lavender and incense, chamomile tea, or valerian root, looking into natural solutions is definitely worth it. People have been using herbs to deal with anxiety and depression for thousands of years, and the one that has proven to be the most useful in this endeavor is none other than cannabis. A completely natural remedy that is now widely recognized for its medicinal properties, it can soothe mental strain, ease muscle and joint pain, and help you regain your balance. Talk to your doctor, get a prescription, and find a legal medical marijuana dispensary so you can start enjoying its relaxing benefits.

Listen to soothing sounds

Do you know that moment when you’re bundled up in a blanket with a good book and some warm tea while the rain drums on your windows? Well, now you can recreate that moment! Check out sites like RainyMood.com for a perfect, relaxing storm, or try an ambient mixer to create your own perfect environment. Light a scented candle, find a good novel, and enjoy.

Find a hobby

Hobbies are more than just a way to pass the time. Having a hobby that you love can be incredibly relaxing, especially if it involves crafting something. Knitting, woodwork, carving, pottery, it’s all great because it lets you use your hand to make something beautiful. Another good idea is to try out adult coloring books because they are a blissful mix of absent mindedness and beauty, and require just enough effort to distract you, but not enough to frustrate you. Remember, no problem in the world is really worth your tears and your mental strain, and you won’t solve anything by stressing over it. If you are tense, it’s okay to take some time for yourself and find your balance again. Instead of pushing yourself until you burn out, maybe it’s time to sit down, take a deep breath, and relax. Author: Luke Douglas

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