Discarded Cannabis Blamed for a Spike in Dogs Poisoned

Liz Filmer
31 May 2024

Figures from the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS) reveal that more than 450 dogs have been treated for cannabis poisoning in the past four years - however, the actual figure may be even higher.

In roughly one in seven cases, it is believed that cannabis gummies have been involved. The RSCPA has been quoted as saying: "Dogs can be very motivated to eat food they find on the ground.

 "The dangers of a dog consuming cannabis include over-stimulation and high temperature – they may require intravenous fluids. The dog must be taken to a vet immediately."

Some doctors have now begun to call for cannabis to be decriminalised, however, this has led to concern that the UK could end up like the US, where over 6,000 dogs have been poisoned by the drug in the last five years.

VPIS has said that the UK experienced 119 cases of poisoning last year. This was an increase of 82 from the year before.Service head Nicola Robinson warned: "Not all animal poisoning cases are reported to us so these are not a completely accurate representation of numbers."

How Much Does it Cost To Treat Your Pet for Cannabis Poisoning?

Cannabis poisoning can incur owners' big vet bills. For example, one dog-owning couple were forced to spend £800 as a result of their six-month-old puppy Charlie becoming incontinent and disorientated after eating some cannabis that the puppy found near their West Sussex home.

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