How to Choose THC Snacks and Gummies

Liz Filmer
24 Sep 2023

THC gummies are big business, especially in the US. However, like all product trends, the market is flooded with bright, attractive packaging and astounding marketing claims. So, say you love cannabis and travel across the pond; what do you need to know about THC gummies? How can you sort the wheat from the chaff?

Clean, safe products are the way forward. Many items originating from the hemp market are fakes of existing products that don't follow the directions of the 2018 Farm Bill. As a result, they could leave you feeling unwell or create an unpleasant high. So, how do you avoid these inferior products?

Do your research and read up about brands on various websites; don't just rely on their customer reviews. Social media pages are a great way to discover what customers say about the selected companies' products and services. You can also see how the company responds to complaints or questions.   

Look for companies that care about honesty and are transparent about how their products are made, the extraction methods used, and third-party lab testing results.  

The age-old saying is, "You get what you pay for, " which is usually true. Mainly, it seems when it comes to Delta-8 products, which tend to be quite pricey. The work that must be done to make delta-8 items the correct way can push costs up immensely.  It's always wise to be cautious when the ingredients are touted as fantastic quality but the price is far too low.  

Read customer feedback. Well-established companies within the industry will have plenty of reviews on their website.  Check out third-party sites like Trustpilot.

"Fake reviews" are, unfortunately, a thing, so reading third-party sites will help you build an honest picture of the brand.

While shopping for your THC gummies or edibles, the manufacturing process is always something to consider. Delta-8 is a naturally sourced cannabinoid. However, it must be synthesised from CBD. Check the extraction process and ensure they use a clean method. The CO2 extraction method is ideal for ensuring product potency and purity. 

THC or Delta 8?

Delta-8 is much more gentle than good old Delta-9. Of course, you still have to watch your dose. You should still go "slow and low" with delta-8 gummies edibles to ensure you don't overdo it if you're new to the cannabinoid or cannabis itself. Start with a low dose of 5mg if you're a beginner, but this will minimise any side effects. You can cut your THC gummies in half if necessary. THC gummies typically take about one hour to kick in, and the results last longer. Increase your dose gradually.  

Delta-8 gummy treats are sold in many strengths. However, 25mg appears to be the industry standard, so you may need to cut them in half more than once. All good brands will provide clear dosing instructions to help you make the most of your experience. It is best to increase in small doses once you see how your body reacts. 

Reputable brands will always include an ingredient list. Many people have allergies or food sensitivities and dietary needs that such a product may worsen. So, brands must list all their ingredients to ensure everybody's well-being. Check websites and read the ingredients used to create your product.  Some companies use artificial flavours to boost the taste. While artificial flavours are the norm in many processed foods, they are not ideal for THC gummies, and natural flavours are recommended.

Pick companies that provide a wide range of flavours. The best delta-8 brands always seek innovative methods to make their THC gummies more attractive yet potent.

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