Cannabis Therapies for Parkinson's Push Forward

Liz Filmer
31 Jul 2022

Medical research is being launched to devise "consistent, reliable and repeatable" cannabis therapies for people with Parkinson's disease. CanNegev is founding the work, a cannabis innovation company.

"Parkinson's Disease and other neurodegenerative diseases have been notoriously difficult to treat, and the pharmaceutical industry has failed to develop appropriate solutions to address these terrible diseases or alleviate symptoms," - Ziv Bet Or, CanNegev.

"Our mission has been solely focused on funding tech-focused companies with proven innovation that has the potential to advance from the research stage to the drug development stage to address unmet needs," Bet Or said. "DTL shows the potential to identify a breakthrough therapeutic remedy for Parkinson's Disease symptoms and a pathway for effective treatment delivery."

There is research that points toward cannabis having the ability to ease Parkinson's symptoms. Still, no one has yet been able to solve the exact mixture of cannabinoids and terpenes needed to create a reliable, consistent remedy.

"There are more than a trillion blends of cannabinoids and terpenes, but only a handful are optimal to treat Parkinson's. The mission is to find the correct combination and ratio.

DTL (Day Three Labs) has created a technology called Unlokt, which seeks to assist more cannabinoids and terpenes in the bloodstream following ingestion. These compounds are typically metabolised before they cross into the bloodstream, altering their effects on the body.

The Unlokt technology works by loading cannabis inside a protecting natural protein. This then allows for a precise discharge of cannabinoids and terpenes into the bloodstream—an essential point for medicinal cannabis use.

"Utilizing a groundbreaking technology like Unlokt in the adult-use market is revolutionary and game-changing, and creates delightful products, but it only scratches the surface of what this technology is capable of," Josh Rubin, DTL CEO and Co-founder.

DTL has so far passed the first phase of the CanNegev program, which was to establish the project's idea. The next step is conducting research and collecting data for a September presentation.

To get the final go-ahead, the company must pass the third and final phase, which is a proof-of-concept presentation.

"Our work with CanNegev is just the beginning of the technological advances we are bringing to this fast-growing industry with the hope of eradicating previously untreatable illnesses and conditions and bringing solutions to the cannabis industry that are safer, more efficacious and efficient," Rubin said.

Exciting times ahead for anyone looking for confirmation that cannabis may be proven to help with some of Parkinson's disease's debilitating symptoms.

Liz Filmer