Cannabis Pucks, The Future of Flower?

Liz Filmer
31 Oct 2022

Massachusetts cannabis startup HUUE is introducing a new form of cannabis flower product to the market. Their small pucks of compressed cannabis flower and THC-A diamonds can be used with any portable or tabletop dry herb vaporizer. You pop it in and out like a coffee pod for ultimate ease of use and convenience.

These nifty little pucks are perfect for the dry herb enthusiast. They come in tins containing seven pucks with names like Get Sh*t Done, ROFL, and (Un)Wine. They are curated from six various strains grown by The Heirloom Collective and Resonate.

The three specific blends are created from iconic strains, including Chem Dog and Lava Cake. They are sourced from two of Massachusetts's top growers. Massachusetts is one of only three legal states where you can get your hands on the authentic, gassy Chem Dog.

Other blends include the sugary, fruity "Grape Pie" and "Grandpa's Stash", which is a legendary mix of the old school strains: 1992 OG Kush, 1994 Super Skunk and a 1970s Afghan Kush."

With a desire to "make dry herb vaping more popular and to educate them on the health benefits and efficiency of the total usage of the cannabis plant, HUUE pucks were initially designed as a revolutionary way to enjoy flower vaporizing and make it as convenient and pre-dosed as oil vaping. They give you the immediate onset benefits of inhalation and full spectrum effects but without the smoke generally associated with the smoking flower.

Whilst the pucks are primarily intended to be used in a dry herb vape, they can be combusted in a pipe or bong or eaten as an edible. They can be eaten straight or infused to make oil, butter, or tinctures for 100% consumption. The spent post-vape pucks are technically classed as decarbed cannabis.

These revolutionary pucks deliver more impact than typical ground flower, thanks to the added treat of THC diamonds with a 30%+ THC content. The flavour is rich. The vapour is nearly invisible; most importantly, the high is euphoric. To make things even more convenient, there was hardly any cleaning up as the puck leaves no residue behind in the chamber.

It is a healthier, tastier and more discreet way to enjoy flower. With each puck providing you with the full entourage effect. These pucks could be the future of dry herb vaporizing, making flower convenient, evenly dosed, clean and tasty.


Liz Filmer