Alabama Gummies are just Peachy.

Liz Filmer
01 Oct 2023

All gummies and lozenges available in Alabama medical cannabis dispensaries will be peach-flavoured according to new rules from the Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC).

While regulations surrounding legalisation in many US states are similar, Alabama is walking its path and has one unique rule for edible manufacturers: That rule is that all cannabis gummies must only be peach-flavoured.

This unusual law had been implemented to deter children from getting into their parent's stashes of gummies or lozenges. The Commission considered what flavours would attract kids as they finalised licensee rules and regulations.
The law also dictates that the morsels must all be cube-shaped in a further effort to deter children from being attracted to the gummies or mistaking them for more novelty-shaped generic sweets.

Members of the AMCC were also concerned that flavouring and sugars would attract children. Hence, the law states explicitly that any gelatinous cubes remain non-sugar coated.

Under the new reform laws in Alabama, patients suffering from the approved qualifying medical conditions can now access medical cannabis products; however, smoking and infusions remain outlawed. Instead, Alabama dispensaries can offer customers topical lotions and salves, lozenges, dummies, transdermal patches, suppositories, nebulisers, and liquid or oil when dispensed by an inhaler. 

Chapter 6 of Alabama's new regulations has declared Peach the sole flavour for any "gelatinous cuboids and lozenges"– and many wonder why.

The decision appears to be the result of a lengthy debate that was had on the Senate floor before the bill was finalised. Senators had argued over how they could protect children from being attracted to or mistakenly eating medicated lozenges, leading some to suggest that the gummies and lozenges be made flavourless.

It was considered that flavourless edibles would be unpalatable, so a compromise was made on one universal flavour. And the AMCC decided on Peach.

Whether this decision is a nod to Clanton County, an Alabama location that is famous for its peaches, or because the senators believe that Peach are not popular with children is unsure; however, the decision has now been made, and moving forward all weed gummies in Alabama will be peach flavour however many will still question whether this particular fruity flavour will work to deter children.

Alabama medical cannabis products are expected in 2024, with projections stating that it could happen as early as the autumn of 2023. After a long waiting period, Alabama patients will be glad to have access to regulated cannabis products soon; let's just hope they like Peach.

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Liz Filmer