65% Would use Cannabis on Doctors' Advice 

Liz Filmer
28 Oct 2023

A new survey finds that many Americans are open to medical cannabis treatment if advised by a doctor.

 "18% of respondents have used cannabis for health reasons in the past year, 19% have used it for recreational reasons, and 14% have used it for both."

The survey also revealed that the top three motivations for cannabis use are anxiety, pain and sleep. 88% of medical cannabis users say that using it decreased their use of prescription drugs, alcohol, or both and that 51% would be likely to use cannabis if their health plan offered it.

The most impressive statistic was that 65% of respondents would be more comfortable using cannabis if it were screened and dosed by a healthcare professional.

The survey was based on responses from 1,027 U.S citizens who are employed at least part-time and were from states where cannabis has been legalised for both medical and recreational use.

The survey highlights the demand for readily available medical advice on cannabis as a treatment.  

"Finding clinical guidance for medicinal cannabis is difficult because most doctors lack the knowledge and retail dispensaries are not equipped to provide medical advice; as a result, we have tens of millions of Americans using cannabis for health reasons without guidance on specific product recommendations, dosage amounts, possible drug interactions, or consideration of their health history and other potential health risks". Press release from E.O. Care

94% of U.S. citizens currently live in a state where cannabis has been legalised either medically or recreationally, or both. With thirty-eight states now having legalised medical cannabis treatment to some extent, it is no surprise that the polls are routinely showing that broad swaths of the country are in favour of making it legally available. 

This is a trend that appears to hold even in states where cannabis remains illegal. A poll released earlier this year found that 76% of adults in South Carolina are in favour of legal medical cannabis despite both recreational and medical cannabis being illegal in the state.

A survey from the Pew Research Center in 2022 indicated that an "overwhelming share of U.S. adults (88%) say either that cannabis should be legal for medical and recreational use by adults (59%).

Over the long term, there has been an abrupt rise in public support for cannabis legalisation, as measured by a distinct Gallup survey question that questions whether the use of cannabis should be made legal – without defining whether that would be for recreational or medical use. This year, 68% of adults say cannabis should be legal.

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