Purple Punch: A purple dream of resin

Barney’s Farm strain story Words & Pics: Green Born Identity – G.B.I. There are only a few cannabis strains that have buds which go purple

bigger yields-01

7 Top Tips On Bigger Yields

By Stoney Tark The Grow Light The starting point for the indoor grower and one of the most important pieces of equipment when growing Cannabis.


Water and plants

Mr. José Water is imperative to so many plants’ functions, that without it, there would be no plants. 70-80% of fresh plants’ weight is made


Starting Your Outdoor Grow, Indoors! (Part 1)

By Macky, Are you thinking about growing cannabis outdoors this year? It seems early to be considering it, especially for those in the Northern


Breeding Talk With Trichome Jungle Seeds

By Stoney Tark The diversity in Cannabis breeding is at an all time high, especially how marketing and branding play such a major role in


Hawaiian Legal

I met Jason at a marijuana and health conference in Oahu this past January. He invited me to visit his farm located on the North

mike tyson

Knock out Weed

From Mike Tyson​ By Rich Hamilton Being in the industry for as long as I have, as soon as I see or hear that a

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