Tips for Rolling a Cross Joint

Stephen Andrews
29 Jan 2024

Up for enjoying a new way to smoke two joints at once? The cross joint consists of two rolled joints fitted together in the shape of a cross. It was made popular by the 2008 movie Pineapple Express. Preparing a cross joint requires knowledge in how to roll a basic straight and a cone. Follow the instructions in the article below and learn how to roll the perfect cross joint.

The cross joint is basically made of two different joints: a smaller and thinner one that goes into the main and bigger one. So, a prerequisite is that you know how to roll different size joints. One of the most important steps while preparing a cross joint is to make the holes in each joint accurately so that the two can fit together nicely, without making it impossible to toke. 

Prepare the Smaller Joint First 

The smaller joint should be made as slim as possible and keep it without a roach. You can add as much weed or tobacco as you want, but it’s important to stay thin. When it’s rolled, poke the two ends of the joint and make twists on each of them. Having those twists is needed for when you cross insert into the main joint later. 

Next step: in the center of the joint pierce a small hole. Do this carefully. The hole needs to go through the joint and you don’t want to tear the roll. You can use any sharp instrument such as a screw to puncture an opening that is around 3-mm in diameter. This hole will be the place that will allow you to draw from each end of the trifecta once lit. 

Roll the Big Cone Second

Don’t hesitate to make a big one for your second roll. Put as much weed as you want. Up to you if you want to mix it with tobacco. The important thing is to produce a fatty joint through which the slim joint can slip to create a cross. 

Where to place the hole? From the roach end measure three quarters of the cone on the way up, and make the puncture there. The opening should be around 5-mm in diameter so that it can fit. 

This hole is an indicator of how much smoking you have left before the cross burns up. In the beginning, it might be difficult to synchronize the burning of the two joints, but as you get more into it, you get better judgement.

Joining the Joints into a Cross 

This is the last step where you find out whether your rolling skills measure up for crafting nice, smooth-going cross joints. The holes you made in the two joints should be clean on both sides. Test if you can see clearly through them before you proceed. 

Then, go slowly. If you are too fast or rough as you try to attach the two joints, they may easily tear. Carefully pull the smaller joint through the hole until the small hole in your joint is inside the fatty one. Ensure that the small hole is aligned with the center of the main joint. Otherwise, it will be difficult to smoke

In the final steps, you need to seal the place where the joints cross together. You can use several glue strips from your rolling papers to wrap around from all sides. The strips need to be wetted to attach well. 

When it’s ready, ask your friends to join, grab three lighters and light up all three ends at the same time.

Have a great high!

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