Spliff VS Joint

Stephen Andrews
04 Mar 2023

There are so many different ways to smoke or consume cannabis these days. The choice is so huge. There are pre-rolls, dabs, vape pens, and various other devices that you can use to vaporize your favorite strain or concentrate instantly. But spliffs and joints remain the very basic "method" and are still a preference among many veteran cannabis users.

If you're into Cannabis, it's important to know your spliffs from your joints. While both resemble a rolled cigarette, there's one key difference between a joint and a spliff. 

What Are Spliffs?

Spliffs are joints rolled with a mix of marijuana and tobacco in them. Smoking spliffs has a long tradition. It seems that people have been enjoying the combination of the two since always. Even with all the new methods and ways of delivery of weed, spliffs continue to enjoy their popularity in the U.S. and everywhere around the world. 

You might think that only people who consume tobacco products smoke spliffs. But in reality there are many cannabis users who don't use tobacco except when they add a little bit of it on the rolling paper along with the weed. 

Besides the high, a spliff also offers a nicotine buzz. The tobacco also neutralizes the smell of cannabis to a certain degree.

Spliffs usually have "crutches," a mouthpiece at the tip of the roll made from a thick piece of paper. Because spliffs can feel somewhat stronger or can feel drier because of the tobacco, the crutch is placed to filter the smoke and prevent any combusted plant material from ending up in your mouth. 

How much tobacco and weed will be combined in the spliff really depends on the smoker and their preferences. Just like finding the right strain of marijuana takes a bit of time, so does finding the perfect ratio between weed and tobacco in the spliff. It's a very individual choice. 

Spliffs are not to be confused with "blunts," which also contain tobacco but much less so to speak. The main difference here is that blunts are rolled with wraps, which are made of tobacco. A blunt is typically filled in only with cannabis, and it's only the wrap itself that represents the tobacco content. 

spliff vs joint

What Are Joints? 

Though commonly confused to be the same thing, joints and spliffs are different. And the main difference is there's only cannabis to be found in a joint

Joints are also rolled up in a thin piece of smoking paper. Again a crutch or a filter can be used as a mouthpiece to refine the smoke and prevent burning your lips or the tips of the fingers when holding it. Joints usually look a lot more compact and slimmer. Anyhow, you can put in them as much weed as you like. 

Joints are the go-to choice for everyone who only prefers smoking clean weed without a trace of tobacco. There are several reasons for that. But perhaps the main one is that tobacco affects the authentic smell and taste of weed. It ruins the effect of terpenes, and that's a turn-off for many users who truly appreciate the good fragrance and the aftertaste of cannabis. 

No matter which one you opt for, a spliff or a joint, the most important thing is to enjoy your smoke and make the best of the smoking experience. 

Stephen Andrews