Snoop Dogg Drops Onion Rings with Pot

Stephen Andrews
06 Oct 2022

He's a nice dude with some nice dreams. The legendary rapper collaborated with TSUMo Snacks to launch Snazzle Os, crispy onion-flavored rings laced with weed. TSUMo Snacks officially launched in September 2021 as a partnership between Snoop Dogg's venture capital firm Casa Verde and venture studio Redbud Brands.

The onion snacks are dosed with a hybrid strain of cannabis extract and are exclusively available at all California MedMen shops between Oct. 6 and Oct. 20. After that, Snazzle Os will find their way on dispensary shelves all over the state. 

"We had been kicking around the idea of doing edibles again and really wanted to get it right," Snoop Dogg said in a statement for The Washington Post. "The team at TSUMo Snacks ... took the original vision and made it better than I had hoped." 

TSUMo specializes in salty and savory snacks. The company's co-founder and chief executive, Caroline Yeh, believes that the chocolate and gummy edible market is oversaturated. "It's really hard to compete in that space," she said. Commenting on the available savory offer, "They aren't the best tasting and they're not super well branded," she said. 

Savory edibles are generally more difficult to manufacture. TSUMo's offer also includes various cheese puffs and tortilla chips. 

"When we had him [Snoop Dogg] try our products as an investor, one of the things that he said is that he actually was more of a Funyuns guy," Yeh said. "We're like, all right, well, let's make Funyuns." 

The company tested seasonings and delivered samples to the 50-year-old rapper, and they won him with onion rings. 

Snoop seems to go all emotional about onion-flavored rings. "Man, Snazzle Os bring[s] me back to when I was a kid hanging out with my friends," he said. "We had the best times back then, running the streets and having fun. We'd go by the corner store and buy soda, candy, chips. TSUMo brings me back to those times." 

The rapper has always preferred smoking. Nevertheless, his acceptance of edibles is now certain. "Growing up, you didn't know how much weed was in brownies, so once you took a bite, it was too late," he told The Washington Post. "The reason I like these [Snazzle Os] is because of their low-dose effect," he said. 

He adds: "As an adult with refined taste buds, I like that these have even more flavor and crunch. There's just more oomph, and don't get me started on the spicy onion oowee, that kick!" 

Stephen Andrews