Seth Rogen: America's Favorite Stand-up Stoner

Stephen Andrews
19 Apr 2024

When the actor was asked in a podcast about his cannabis use habits, he was quick to answer that he would rather smoke weed all day, and that movies like “Sausage Party” don't come up like that if you’re “not hanging out and smoking weed.” Born in the last days of Aries, a zodiac sign that supposedly stands for persistence, Rogen turned 42 on April 15. Here's a tribute to him and his persistent, unwavering commitment to arts, comedy and cannabis.

Seth Rogen is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. A comedian, screenwriter and filmmaker, the Vancouver-born started doing stand-up when he was only 13 and other performers on the local scene were twice his age. He eventually landed jobs writing for the Sacha Baron Cohen showcase “Da Ali G Show” and appeared in an episode of the teen-centered drama “Dawson's Creek.”  

Since those early days, Rogen has starred in many other movies, including the classic stoner flick “Pineapple Express.” However, in the last few years, his focus seems to be in film production. Most recently he worked as a producer for Jade Bartlett’s erotic thriller “Miller's Girl,” which premiered in January.

Rogen’s film portfolio is definitely abundant as is his stash of weed. The star has openly talked about cannabis on more than one occasion. Here’re some of his most memorable comments. 

Life is More Comfortable with Weed

Rogen detailed his smoking habits last year as a guest on Steven Bartlett’s The Diary of a CEO podcast. He revealed that he smokes weed “all day, every single day.” And his explanation for that was simple: weed is what makes life more comfortable, he told the host. 

“I smoke weed all day, so I imagine it would be worse if I didn't,” the Pineapple Express star confessed. He had been consuming pot every day for the last twenty years or so, “and I've been very productive in that time,” he added. 

Rogen explains to Bartlett that, marijuana for him is the same thing as wearing “shoes or glasses.” They are all things that make our lives “easier and better.”  

“Are shoes like a crutch we use, or are they a thing that we have culturally decided make our lives easier and better? That is exactly how weed is to me” the actor said. “Could I not wear shoes? Probably. Could I not smoke weed? Probably. Would I just much rather smoke weed all day? Yes.” 

“It only makes my journey through this life more comfortable, more palatable, easier to process, easier to manifest the things that I want to do, exactly how I would be trying to do the same things in my life without shoes or without a jacket on,” he continued. “That is what it would be like for me to do it without smoking weed.” 

Cannabis, Inspiration and Lifestyle 

Seth also shared that weed helps him come up with many ideas and inspires him for much of his work. “Weed has always been a very powerful social element for me and my friends, a lot of the ideas we’ve come up with, we’ve come up with hanging out and smoking weed,” he said. 

Beyond being a passionate consumer, Rogen has a cannabis venture of his own as well. In 2019, he launched a cannabis-focused company called Houseplant, offering handpicked cannabis strains as well as state-of-the-art functional smoking accessories and other stuff for home décor. The collection includes eye-catching pottery, ashtrays, and other items to upgrade your coffee table. 

The actor runs Houseplant together with longtime friend Evan Goldberg. Asked why his company focuses on home goods, Rogen has stated that it all stems from the desire to display his marijuana in the same way as he would display a “decanter of whiskey.” Plus, there is his great interest in pottery. 

“People often ask me how I got into pottery or ceramics, and the answer is I got into it the same way most people get into most things. When you love something, whether it's bread or music, eventually you get the idea that you want to try and make it yourself,” Rogen says on Houseplant’s website. 

Are there any weed products that Seth doesn’t really want? According to an interview for Vanity Fair, it turns out Seth is no big edibles guy. “I would do it sparingly, I would say, and generally only if I’m in a situation where it seems like I have to go a long amount of time without smoking. Like, Oppenheimer seems like an ideal edible scenario, if you ask me,” he told the magazine last summer. 

In the same interview, the filmmaker and producer also gives his views on the current cannabis scene and culture in the U.S. and how it has changed with legalization. 

“It’s good. I think it’s making up for lost time,” he says. “Weed was so stigmatized—something that people were forced to feel bad about, something that they were told made them stupid. People are reveling in the fact that they can enjoy it. As someone who smokes weed, I never felt like a lot of time, energy, or resources were being put into my lifestyle, especially from a product angle. The idea of validating people’s love of weed, to me, is exciting.”

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