10 Valentine’s Day Activities to Try Stoned

Stephen Andrews
14 Feb 2024

It’s Valentine’s Day and you’re about to get stoned with your favorite person on the planet. It’s the perfect day of the year to try doing something you haven’t done before all while celebrating love. Wonder what to do and where to go while high? We got you covered.

1. Wake and Bake + Breakfast in Bed

Well, you don’t have to go far. If both you and your partner have good tolerance to THC, you can toke immediately after waking up. To tame down the munchies, prepare a nice breakfast for yourselves. A nice omelette or spaghetti with tomato sauce and a drop of CBD oil. Perfect way to start the day and perhaps stay in bed until very late. 

2. Go the the Museum 

Getting high and visiting a museum can really be an adventure of its own. Munch some edibles and get ready to explore some fine local art or artifacts from your distant ancestors who probably also knew a way or two how to use the medicinal plant. You might be surprised at how surreal gazing at those unordinary objects is. 

3. Try THC Chocolates 

Valentine is the perfect day to give a new twist to old traditions. Instead of feasting on a regular Valentine’s Day box of chocolates, you can opt for some THC infused candy and sweets. You can either purchase some from the local dispensary or try infusing yourself. Brownies, truffles, cookies and gummies are all popular luscious treats that can be reinforced with THC. 

4. Get in the Creative Zone 

Stoned and making art together with your special one, how does that sound? Weed can be a great source for creativity and crazy ideas. If you both like painting, get some brushes and canvas and paint together with your partner. Or refit a wall in the apartment that you both believe could use a refreshment. Don’t be too hard on yourselves if the end result is terrible. 

5. Take a CBD Bath 

Taking a CBD bath bomb can be heartwarming and healing. Pick a bath bomb infused with your favorite essential oil, perhaps sweet orange or lavender. Complement the experience with placing candles by the bathtub and play some nice intimate ambient music. If anything is missing in this perfect setting, it’s lighting up a calming indica pre-roll, or just getting some CBD gummies if you want to stay sober.  

6. Hotboxing

Try out smoking weed in a way that you haven’t tried before. For example, you can check off hotboxing from the list. That is, smoking marijuana in a small, unventilated area where the smoke can get very thick and the “high” becomes unusually intense. It could be a great way to have fun and laughter with whoever you do this with. 

7. Picnic in the Park 

Given that it’s not minus twenty where you live, organize a romantic picnic with your loved one. Pack a bag of sandwiches and cannabis refreshments of your choice: some yummy edibles, CBD coffee, infused tea or beer. Wear warm clothes and don’t forget a blanket if you plan on staying the whole afternoon. 

8. Watch a Stoner Movie 

This is a classic one. Get high and watch a movie together with your partner while cuddling on the sofa. You can try anything from the long lists of stoner flicks: “Dazed and Confused”, “The Big Lebowski”, “Soul Plane”... Or just watch anything that you feel like watching for the night. Stuff like “That ‘90’s Show” or “Sex Education” could also do justice. Don’t forget the snacks, which can always include some infused goodies! 

9. A Game Night 

If you're a group of friends on Valentine’s Day, you can play a game and incorporate cannabis in that activity. For example, instead of Beer Pong, you can try Bong Pong. Or it can be something in the style of Never Have I Ever, where, you can bet, after everyone gets high there will certainly follow a juicy material to hear. If it’s only you and your partner, try out a more steamy game, such as strip poker

10. Wine and Weed Tasting

An elegant wine tasting on Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate the union with your loved one. Think how amazing it would be to complement this pursuit with a weed tasting as well. Alternatively, you can make cannabis-infused wines or other drinks on your own. 

Whatever activity you decide to do stoned with your partner, enjoy and take the most of Valentine’s Day!

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