What Cannabis Strains Help you Sleep?

Liz Filmer
31 Aug 2023

Aside from the anecdotal evidence, many studies support the idea that weed can be an effective sleep aid. However, as usual with cannabis, it's not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Strains with specific mixes of cannabinoids and terpenes can give you an optimal experience. Additionally, overcoming Insomnia may require more than the right strain of weed and mean making some lifestyle changes.

The psychoactive properties of THC, the soothing properties of CBD and the presence of a less common cannabinoid, CBN, can help you feel relaxed, calm, and ready to drift off into deep sleep. Certain terpenes, such as the lavender-like linalool, are also touted for their sleep-inducing properties.

What are the best weed strains for aiding natural sleep?

Northern Lights: One of the most famous strains ever, this legendary Indica cross of Afghani and Thai will guide you to bedtime filled with happy thoughts and an eased mind and body. This pure Indica has earned its reputation for a good reason.

Granddaddy Purple: A Californian creation, Granddaddy Purple's layered aroma of fruity grapes and berries delivers a sweet treat with potent and pleasurable effects, including euphoria and relaxation. This makes it ideal for those who need some extra sleep.

Grape Ape: Grape Ape is an Indica dominant strain from a three-way Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani tryst. Spicy, fruity, and perfect for those seeking an escape from their worries, it offers a powerful chill pill for the body and mind.

Bubba Kush: Known for its heavy, tranquillizing effects, Bubba is an Indica with rich, deep, dark chocolate and coffee notes. A popular goto for those wanting to drop off quickly, it is highly regarded for easing stress and soothing sore muscles.

Blueberry: A bold and edgy Cross of Purple Thai and Thai makes up the unforgiving Blueberry. With a flavour profile more fruity than its namesake, this strain has undoubtedly become a modern classic due to its attractive effects, including pain relief, stress, and Insomnia.

What are the most potent strains to fight Insomnia?

When finding the most potent cannabis strains for Insomnia, there is more to it than simply THC percentage. THC is necessary, but other factors—including terpenes and personal tolerances- will also shape your ideal sleep strain. If you struggle to sleep, these strains are heavy enough to take on Insomnia.

Chemdawg #4: This beast will deliver at least 25% THC and clear your mind while mellowing your body. With a fresh and tangy lemon flavour, this strain is perfect for erasing the mental stresses of the day before a good night's sleep.

Sugar Black Rose: Weighing in at a hefty 29% THC, Sugar Black Rose is an Indica-dominant hybrid that gives an intense earthy musk scent. A cross of Critical Mass and Black Domina, this one will provide you with a full-body relaxing buzz that will. Make it hard NOT to fall asleep.

Birthday Cake: This sweet, show-stopping strain boasts its average 24% THC strength via the crystal-like blanket that generously drapes across the buds. It's a great choice if you want something super chill. It's nothing you wouldn't expect coming from the lineage of the GOAT Girl Scout Cookies and Sweet Cherry Pie.

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