Is Weed In Your DNA?

Liz Filmer
23 Apr 2022

Cannabis-focused DNA testing services are an excellent way for curious canna consumers to explore scientific insights about their health and endocannabinoid system. It uses your DNA to learn the most efficient ways to use cannabis?

Everyone responds to cannabis differently, making it enjoyable to learn how our bodies react to it. For example, high-THC cannabis makes them prone to anxiety and panic attacks while it calms others down. When you share a joint with friends, you will have a different high based on your genetic makeup, the strain you’re using, personal experiences and many other factors.

These tests can remove the guesswork. You get to learn precisely what kind of Cannabis or CBD product to use, how much CBD and THC you should be consuming for optimal health, and which products won’t give you unwanted side effects such as nausea, anxiety and insomnia. They will also tell you which strains are best for any medical conditions you may suffer with.

Understanding genetics is very complex. The genetic mutations we are born with can change based on the personal stuff we experience in our lives, from stress to the food we consume. 

Here are some of the cannabis DNA testing services available.

Endocanna Health has identified 57 human genetic signatures that impact our response to cannabis. The company was founded to help consumers identify cannabinoid or CBD products to fit their specific needs. Consumers can swab themselves with a home kit or send data from another similar DNA service.

“Think of us as a scientific matchmaker for cannabis. We provide you with your personalised ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes that align best with your genetic profile.” -Endocanna Health CEO Len May

Strain Genie

With more than 10,000 different cannabis strains today, it can be hard to decide which strains work best.

Strain Genie users get their DNA sequenced using a home test kit and fill in a questionnaire. Then you will receive a complete personalised report telling you how your body and mind work with the various terpenes and cannabinoids to find out which ones suit you. 

They can also recommend CBD products and cannabis products that you can buy locally if you live in a state with legal recreational or medical cannabis.

Dynamic DNA offers tests for Proactive Health, Family + Ancestry, Personalized Medicine, and Cannabis under substances.

The steps are similar, order a kit from the website, give a sample of your cheek swab, post it, and they will return your DNA report to you. The results will help you identify 13 genetic traits that assist you in maximising your cannabis experience and avoiding any side effects. You can also learn about the best THC: CBD ratios. Allowing you to navigate cannabis products on the market better.



Liz Filmer