UK Grown Weed Available to Medicinal Users for First Time

Liz Filmer
27 Jun 2024

Medical cannabis producer Glass Pharms has delivered its first crop to a UK-based clinic. This marks the first time since medical legalisation in the UK that domestically grown products have been available to patients.

This move marks a momentous landmark in the development of the market, which has long been hampered by its reliance on imported products.

One of the first clinics to distribute this ‘Made in Britain’ stamped medical cannabis is Releaf,

“By offering locally grown, sustainable cannabis medication, we are meeting a significant unmet need in the healthcare industry, improving patient access, reducing environmental impact and supporting domestic industry.” - Tim Kirby, Managing Director of Releaf.

Through the partnership with Glass Pharms, Releaf will now offer patients its own-branded medical cannabis flower products.

Glass Pharms has a production model’, which will see them harvest every week of the year, helping to shorten the supply chain.

How Big is the UK Medicinal Cannabis Market?

 The UK’s medical cannabis market is now the second largest in Europe and is the root driver of growth in the region.

Despite this growth and the high demand and consumption from UK patients, its supply chain and importation hurdles persist in restraining its potential.

The importation process for medical cannabis products is also very costly and riddled with red tape. Cannabis can only be imported based on letters of ‘clinical need’ from health care professionals, which detail the specific quantities of named products and only for three months.

This equates to higher costs to patients and lower consistency and availability of products.

To meet the ever-increasing demand, clinics have imported intermediate products choosing to perform the final steps of manufacturing within the UK.

This allows for the import of medical cannabis that falls under the category of a Schedule I Raw Material. This is less expensive and much easier to import than a finished Schedule II Product.

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Liz Filmer