UK Weed "Delivery" Service Making Millions

Liz Filmer
31 Jan 2023

According to its founder, an unlawful weed delivery service in the UK has generated millions of pounds in income less than 12 months after it was created.

"Dispenseroo", unlike different online drug markets, functions on the open web and has lured thousands of consumers in recent months via guerilla publicity drives and word-of-mouth.

The unorthodox strategy of shunning the dark web means the site can be easily found through favoured search engines like Google, which has allowed it to grow tenfold in recent months.

The company founder, who goes simply by the name "S", told reporters that he had never been involved in selling drugs before starting Dispenseroo. Instead, "S" claims to have only created the start-up out of pure frustration with the UK's "archaic" cannabis laws, stating the following.

"There is a massive difference between hard drugs and weed. Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation and negative images of ill-informed people. But many customers use cannabis for medical reasons and to treat complex illnesses like depression."

When asked for comment, The Met Police could not confirm whether or not there is an ongoing investigation into the start-up. "S" declined to say precisely how much the site is currently bringing in due to safety concerns. However, he said they were shipping thousands of orders weekly, indicating that the monthly revenue has exceeded £1m.

Deliveries arrive in vacuum-sealed bags to mask the smell and are delivered via standard post services like Royal Mail. Dispenseroo consumers that were spoken to said that they used the service for its convenience. However, it is overpriced in comparison to street dealers.

Operating on the open web, "Dispenseroo" presents many of the same services as legitimate companies. They provide:

  • Next-day delivery options.
  • Live chat customer support.
  • Monday-to-Friday operating hours like other retailers and even regular promotions and giveaways.

On becoming aware of the "obvious and substantive mimicking" of its brand, the Food delivery service "Deliveroo" has initiated legal action against the start-up."S" remains unshaken, claiming that he sees "our fight with Deliveroo as just another hurdle we must overcome". Although more recently, the company has declared that it would be renamed "Dispenseree" shortly.

Dispenseroo is also under investigation by Transport for London after unauthorised ads for the site were posted on the London Underground. TfL takes the issue of flyposting "extremely seriously", with all the offending adverts now removed.

Despite the controversy, Dispenseroo plans to push its advertising "to the next level" in 2023, according to S, while also advocating for more favourable cannabis laws.

"I never expected it to grow this quickly. I'd never sold drugs before Dispenseroo was created, but I am also a very average person, regardless of my profession. All I am trying to show is that a platform can exist to sell weed cleanly and safely. If the archaic laws in the UK were reformed, we would potentially be a fully legal, tax-generating business that could help repair economies like the one we live in." -"S" Dispenseroo

Liz Filmer