Trending U.S Strains for Summer 22

Liz Filmer
27 Jun 2022

Weed website Leafly has just announced their annual "Strains of Summer" 2022. So if you want to know what strain trends we could be seeing filtering over to the U.K and Europe soon, this will give you an idea.

A look back to the '90s with some O.G. gas (Double O.G. chem) and grapes (Alien Labs' Y2K). Rumour has it that gas is making a comeback, a refreshing change from the reign of dessert strains we have seen for the past couple of years. There will be new crosses of legends like Wedding Cake (Dream Cake) and Runtz ( Apple Tartz).

On the candy tip, Zkittlez crosses like Zoap and Pearadise will be big news. The cookies varieties aren't going to disappear just yet, though, with some delicious new additions, including BernieHana Butter and Seed Georgia Pie. Here is a closer look at what is unique across the pond.

Double O.G. Chem

Late '90s OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Chemdog have stormed back with great success. This Double O.G. Chem cleaned up at the Emerald Cup Awards 2022 downtown L.A. on May 14. The definitive lemon, pine, and fuel sharpness of O.G.s, along with that signature heavy, the high-THC effect, is always a winner. Two-thirds O.G., one-third Chem and just a dash of Sour" this strain will make you hungry, giggly, and relaxed.

Animal Face

A cross of Face-Off O.G. to Animal Mints. This previous winner of the Leafy Buzz and Leafly Strain of 420 '22 stays in the spotlight summer, thanks to a first-place finish in the indoor flower category at The Emerald Cup 2022. This is for you if you want veteran-level, top fuel bite, dank-cookie back notes of dank cookie, and soaring high-THC effects.

Dream Cake

Dream Cake is a mix of (Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbert) from Foxy Cannabis. Wedding Cake remains in the top 5 most searched this summer because the strain is so icy. There is no denying how inviting, and delicious this strain is. Although this one is very limited in quantity, expect to see similar new hybrid cake strains popping up all over the scene.


Zoap combines Rainbow Sherbet V2 x Pink Guava #16 F2. Another guaranteed win is this year's Zkittlez crosses. (Breeders, DEO Farms used Zkittlez x OG Eddy Lepp to make a Pink Guava; then, Sunset Sherbert was added to make a Rainbow Sherbert and then those were combined. Zoap has an incomparable look. You can expect a tropical fruity candy taste mixed with dank creamy aromas and electric, high-THC hybrid results. Zoap won Best Overall at the 2022 Zalympix Championships in downtown L.A. on June 11


Pearadise (Peach Ozz x Kosher Kush) is so good it is tipped to win the Sativa category at the High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal People's Choice Awards 2022. Pearadise blends Peach Oz with Kosher Kush for a pear-fuelled tropical paradise smell with a perfect balance of daytime hybrid sativa feels.

Apple Tartz 

Apple Fritter found its way into the top 20 U.S. strains due to its supreme genetics. Its predecessor Runtz was crowned Leafly Strain of the Year 2020, quickly becoming a national top 10 flavour. Apple Tartz takes the vivid green of Fritter and the rich purple of Runtz, achieving the perfect mix of sweet, tart, and creamy gas flavours. It leans toward the Cookie/Diesel side, with Zkittlez adding a bang. 

Georgia Pie

At this year's Oregon Leaf Bowl, Georgia Pie (Gellati x Kush Mints) took home the gold in the mixed-light category. With big fruit flavours and a fresh-baked bread scent, this good looker has a thick layer of trichomes coating the buds and sugar leaves. The peachy scent is so bright and sweet that it's irresistible.

BernieHana Butter

BernieHana Butter is a rugged, fierce GSC family cross (Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava) x (Blue Cookies x Oreoz). A relaxing body high that'll help you go easy on yourself. Expect a buttery dough smell amongst funk, floral, berry, and gas. This strain offers you peace and cal.

Purple Octane

Purple Octane melds (Biscotti x Sherb BX1) x (Jealousy F2) together. With a tank full of GSC genes, it gives you a grapey, gassy, and cookie scent that will delight all those purple lovers and knock you over with its hit of high THC. "This strain is popular due to its gorgeous colour and smell.


Alien Labs launches "An ode to the real Bay Area grapes" this summer with Y2K, which smacks of purple candy terps that send you back to the old school. Alien Labs routed out a bygone purple strain. They tarted it up with their signature Dosidos x Gelato #41 to give the people artificial grape terp and an indica-style hit.

Hindu Phunk (aka Hindu Kush)

Many breeders are delving into their genetic vaults, re-discovering classics and pimping them up for today's customers. B-Real's brand Insane revived an old seed of the deep indica classic Hindu Kush and found themselves a 2022 winner with the magnificent Hindu Phunk. In looks, it is an immense specimen, presenting as frosty, dark and mysterious. It has a minty hash taste and has heavy Indica results.

Chemical Compound

Talking about heavy indicas, here is a real big hitter. Chemical Compound is the product of Nevada flower brand Pistola. This flagship strain is a cross of GMO Cookies x Otter Popz and gives it to you in the form of quirky, predominantly heady, intense hybrid feels.

Liz Filmer