Stoner Gifts

Liz Filmer
24 Jul 2022

With how much more accepted cannabis is becoming, the market for lifestyle gifts has expanded rapidly to cover a wide array of gifts for every kind of customer. Here are just a few of the most original that are available, depending on where you live, of course

1. Weed Subscription Box


It all comes to your doorstep packaged in a pretty box with a few smoking accessories to complete. These boxes are of excellent quality, especially this one from Nugg Club. Every month they select the premium strains and blends from dispensaries around the country.

2. Cannabis-Infused Wine


Kill two birds and all your inhibitions with one stone by sipping this weird-looking but fascinating cannabis-infused wine. The combination of wine with non-psychoactive cannabinoids lets you experience good savour, aroma, and taste while enjoying cannabidiol and its qualities.

3. Cannabis Bouquets


You might not have thought that weed could be this beautiful, but here you are, thinking it may be time to get a canna-bouquet. Treat your best bud forever to a stunning array of nugs. When you're done admiring, the bud is smokeable in your fave bowl.

4. Weed Grinding and Dispensing Pen


With this genius weed grinding and dispensing pen, grind your weed and distribute it all in one simple motion. All you have to do is put your herb in and position it over your paper. You'll have something ready to smoke in seconds.

5. Rose Flower Petal Cones


It doesn't get any better when you feel extra flowery than these natural rose flower petal pre-rolled cones. It's flower-ception, with a flower inside your flower. Mind blown.

6. How High Am I? Journal


Why you're high enough that you've gone galaxy, don't lose those thoughts. Jot them down and see if you can make sense of them later in How High Am I? 

7. Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle


Visitors are on their way, and your apartment smells like a Grateful Dead concert. Hurry up and take care of that with Cannabolish. The smoke odour-eliminating candle is designed to remove that dank smell and replace it with something much more pleasant.

8. Smoker's Multi-Tool


A pothead needs the right tools in his toolbox to get the most from his weed. With eight tools to choose from, it doesn't matter what issue a smoker encounters. They can solve it. This multi-tool was made with stoners in mind.

9. The Volcano Vaporizer


This is an expensive gift but worth it for the special stoner in your life. The vaporizer heats your herb and fills the bag with some dank smoke that you and your friends can pass and puff.

10. Color Me Cannabis 420 Coloring Book


When you're high AF and are feeling the need to express some creativity, reach no further than this Color Me Cannabis 420 colouring book. It features an array of psychedelic patterns, and MJ leaves just waiting to be scribbled on in the way that only you can.

Liz Filmer