Las Vegas to open Cannabis Lounges.

Liz Filmer
27 Sep 2021

Existing dispensaries will be allowed to create an additional lounge space. Other independent businesses will be allowed to build consumption lounges to sell single-use cannabis products.

The rules for Assembly Bill No. 341 are still being written up, with regulators still trying to define the types of cannabis products permitted.However, it's understood that the bill will allow for smoking on-premises and the sale and consumption of single-serve edibles and drinks.

Nevada's senate finance committee, Assemblyman Steve Yeager, sponsor of the bill, described the new venture as being like a bar but without alcohol. Instead, it could be a joint, an edible and infused food or an infused soda, whatever fits the concept.

Yeager also spoke about the scope of creative possibilities that the bill will allow for. This includes cannabis-friendly yoga studios, comedy clubs and theatres which serve weed and also high-end canna-cuisine restaurants. 

Although cannabis has been legal recreationally in Nevada since 2017, consumption is not prohibited in hotels and casinos. This means that Vegas tourists have struggled to find appropriate places to consume cannabis socially.

 The only exception was a lounge that stands on tribal land and is operated by the Paiute Tribe just to the north of downtown Las Vegas.However, the smell of weed is standard on the Strip, and the law has not stopped tourists from openly smoking weed. 
A police spokesman commented that people are rarely arrested for cannabis use. However, the lounges will be an excellent solution for the current problem of illegal smoking that is going on in Las Vegas tourist areas.

The first consumption lounges are expected to open before the end of the year. Juggernaut canna brand "Cookies" and established dispensary Planet 13" are at the top of the list to open lounges pretty much on the Strip itself. The tourist hotspot and the largest marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas and is planning on creating a "next level" experience.

They plan to convert a  20,000-square-foot storage warehouse  into a lounge just off the Strip.]

"We want to make something that people can travel to, something like a club concept". "We know the pressure is on us to build something special." -Planet 13 rep.

With a million good reasons to visit Vegas, soon you will have another one!

Liz Filmer