Cypress Hills' B-Real drops new cannabis line.

Liz Filmer
28 Mar 2022

Hip-hop legend B-Real is dropping his first-ever flower line this month in the US. It will be available at Dr Greenthumb's and Cookies dispensaries. Here we look at how the Cypress Hill rapper's career led him to a love of cannabis. As well as the story behind his strain.

With his new strain, B-Real wanted to go back to the mindset of the '90s and early 00s. The days when those who loved cannabis dreamed of it being legal but never really thought it would happen. The scene has changed so much since then, and with his new line, B-Real wants to try and recreate that feeling of days gone by. He says he wants to teach those new to cannabis about the culture surrounding. "you share what's important. I think that's what I'm trying to do here. I want to point out what's important in our history and culture."

B-Real says that his favourite strain of all time is the unimitable OG Kush but what was his process for selecting the strains and genetics for his new line? Well, authenticity seems strop of the plan as B-Real says that his team has done an excellent job sourcing weed from Farms run by people who "should be winning in this new legal world". No doubt he means those who the criminalization of cannabis has negatively impacted in the past. When he finds these farms, he is looking for the whole package. "The sight, the smell, feeling the bud, rolling it up, that whole experience. And then, of course, smoking. The flavour and high. When it's the good stuff, you know, that's what we're looking to highlight".

B-Real has high hopes for his new endeavour calling the future of his line is the future of legacy cannabis. "I'm not trying to be one voice telling people what they should like or what cannabis should be. I'm trying to provide the open-mic night, the forum and the stage, so these guys, and gals, can show the world how they are holding it down". 

"I want to make sure that when we look out 10 or 20 years from now, and this industry is just commonplace, we don't just have a bunch of Walmarts and Sam's Clubs. I want the heart to be there still; I want us to be happy we won, that we got weed legalized. I don't want us wishing we had just kept it illegal because we all lost. Fuck that."

Cannabis is as big a part of B-Real as his music, and he has always thought that there was nothing wrong with it. He didn't care about alcohol. He was always behind the push to legalize weed as far back as he can remember. "I've never been afraid to be open about it. I try to lend my voice where I can. I try to keep the topic in front of people, do my best to support the culture."

In terms of new music, fans will be pleased to hear that Cypress Hill has a New Album, "Back in Black, " and an upcoming tour. B-Reals solo album "Tell You Somethin" also dropped not long ago. 


Liz Filmer