How to Clean Your Bong.

Liz Filmer
01 Jun 2023

After smoking out of a glass piece for a while, tar builds up, making hits harsher, increasing the likelihood of coughing and clouding the flavours.

In contrast, the feeling of taking a hit out of a freshly cleaned bong is unmatchable, you'll be able to taste the flavour of the smoke and the strain, and the impacts won't feel as harsh.

So when should you clean your bong or pipe? The obvious answer would be when it's brown and full of tar. But, if you're wondering how brown is too brown, then a good rule of thumb is that if you can't see through the glass and see the water, then it needs a scrub. 

How often you smoke determines how often you need to clean it. People who use a bong or pipe frequently may clean their piece daily, especially if it is expensive. For moderate users, however, once a week is probably fine. If you only smoke out of a piece occasionally, you can probably leave it a bit longer, but not too long!

When looking after your bongs and bubblers, changing the water once a day or before each use is a good idea, as leaving water to sit in its use after use will see it accumulate tar and debris, which can also be damaging to your lungs when inhaled.

Cleaning a glass bong, line, or bubbler is easy and doesn't require much equipment. All you need is some Isopropyl alcohol (90% is best)
 and some coarse salt. The salt is not necessary, but it does help
dislodge any stubborn chunks of resin.

You can buy custom bong cleaners; however, they are often more expensive than isopropyl alcohol and contain additional chemicals that are not necessarily required.

To clean a piece efficiently, follow these simple steps:

Pour out any water in the case of a bong or bubbler.
Pour alcohol and coarse salt in
Plug any holes and vigorously shake it for a minute or two
Pour out the cleaning mixture
Rinse with warm water to remove traces of alcohol or salt 
Let it dry for an hour or so.
Repeat if still dirty.
For stubborn tar, soak the piece in alcohol for longer or even overnight. A pipe brush is also an excellent investment to get a good result.

If your chosen piece is small enough, like a pipe, you can soak the whole thing in an alcohol and salt mix. You need to use some force but be mindful that bongs and pipes are often made of glass that can be easily broken. A good tip is to wrap the piece in an old rag while shaking it to protect it and protect your hands in case of any unexpected smashes.

And that's it! It's that easy. Having a clean bong, bubbler, or pipe is more hygienic. Still, it's especially important if you are inviting other people to use it, so get with the etiquette.

Liz Filmer