Is Cannabis Good for Clubbing?

Liz Filmer
05 Feb 2024

Some people are triggered into an anxiety spiral after they smoke. Like any drug, uncovering the right strain to suit your party vibe is essential. Psychedelic sativas are great for going out and more sedative indicas are generally better for chilling at home.

Weed does have some advantages over alcohol when it comes to going out. Drinkers are always the first to pass out, be sick or start a fight, weed rarely has the same effect. Weed is also less hurtful to your wallet and your physical health the next day. Most importantly, many would say that music sounds so much better when you're stoned than when you are blind drunk.

There is a huge contrast between stoner club culture in the US, and in the UK, mainly due to the weed revolution in the US versus slow reform efforts in Europe and the UK. Weed isn't seen as a big "going out" drug in the UK, this could be due to how difficult it can be to smuggle it into clubs. doing so can make people anxious and paranoid, so they'd rather smoke at home than come down. Maybe the quality of the weed is to blame too.

Another undeniable truth is that a lot of the time, trying to go anywhere when stoned can be a slow, laborious task and many just cannot imagine transferring that to a nightclub scenario. Many people don't want to feel like that in a club.

Weed for many is more a part of a night out once you get home. There is a good reason why substances like MDMA are popular club drugs because they make you wanna dance and not just sit in the smoking area with the munchies. 

The end-of-the-night joint once you get home is great for bringing everybody down gently and helping you get off to sleep. For many the idea of a joint whilst you are out doesn't hold much appeal, but of course, it all depends on the person and the party, so go do what makes YOU feel good!.

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