Cannabis and Botox

Liz Filmer
17 Nov 2023

While topicals like face and eye creams, including those with CBD, may claim anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle properties, if you want to get rid of wrinkles or add volume to your face that has been naturally lost to age, there is nothing more effective than injectables.

Botox usually lasts three to four months and intercepts the chemical signals sent from the nerves that cause your muscles to contract. This results in relaxed facial muscles and the eradication of wrinkles. Botox and filler are often used together. Filler can be used to revive volume in the cheeks and lips or to augment a chin, amongst other things.

Botox is currently the world's number one non-invasive cosmetic procedure, and fillers second. However, there is hardly any information for cannabis users interested in injectables and whether there are any interactions that you need to be aware of. 

The most significant risk regarding Botox is that you will like it. Common sense applies to cannabis and injectables, so firstly, don't show up stoned for your appointment. It's not a very painful procedure, but you don't want to be high during a process that involves the use of needles in case it leads to panic or stress. Like any invasive medical procedure, a patient needs to give informed consent. So, you really shouldn't show up stoned for their procedure.

Doctors always recommend avoiding alcohol and any other blood-thinning medications before or after injectables, as they do have the potential to increase the risk of bleeding and bruising, something which cannabis can also cause. However, because cannabis may also lower anxiety, some doctors say it's okay to use it before a procedure to relax if you are aware of and accept the other risks. So, suppose you have a social event close to your treatment time. In that case, it is advisable not to ingest cannabis prior to your appointment. However, some may find it okay to use it to ease anxiety and increase your levels of comfort.

Some people like to smoke or use edibles post-procedure for pain relief, as some find that cannabis products help with post-treatment soreness. From a harm reduction perspective, cannabis is certainly a safer option than many other forms of post-procedure pain relief.

So to be clear there is no issue if you are a regular cannabis user who would like to embark on a journey into the world of botox and fillers. Jus don't show up too stoned and you should be fine. If it is your first time or you are being extra cautious, maybe it would be best to wait 24 hours after the process before using cannabis again.

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Liz Filmer