Best Selling Strains of 2022

Liz Filmer
29 Dec 2022

Leafly is the most prominent cannabis database of strains worldwide, with thousands of strains being added year on year. So what better place to look up the best-selling strains of 2022? No surprise to some, the top 5 are all familiar faces that are proving hard to beat thanks to their reliable genetics, cultural approvals, and consistently delectable effects.

No.1- Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Cake is a sugary, sweet treat of a smoke with notes of vanilla and musk with a gassy kick.

This Seed Junky Genetics invention combines Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake to create a strain that never skimps on experience, bag appeal, or taste. It's an effortless number one with canna connoisseurs, seizing first place at the Emerald Cup twice, in 2019 and 2021. 

No.2- Blue Dream
The number 2 bestseller is another classic, Blue Dream. Blueberry and Haze make for a sweet, fruity, grassy hybrid that might surprise you with its creative head high and body buzz. It's an affordable choice that is easy to find and is known for being consistent.

After recently trying Blue Dream again after many years, I was pleasantly surprised to find it is better than I remember. It hit all the nostalgic notes and more with an inspiring high, excellent taste and a pleasant daydreamy sensation.

No.3-Wedding Cake
It's called Wedding Cake because your head will ring like a church bell on the first hit while an intense aroma of sweet vanilla dough, menthol, and a dash of pine fills your nose. 

Another Seed Junky entry on this list is this combo of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints that we and the public loved so much that we dubbed it 2019's Strain of the Year. The enduring love keeps it in the top three, as does its reputation as a euphoric erotic.

No.4- Gelato
Gelato has its place in the cannabis hall of fame for its gassy, vanilla cream palate. It was named Leafly's Strain of the Year in 2018 for its flavours, eye-catching royal purple buds, and euphoric chill. Sherbinski's Sunset Sherbert and Cookie Fam's Thin Mint GSC have created the strain that launched a thousand crosses that win cannabis competitions worldwide every year. 
So many modern strains have the Gelato taste. Its an unmistakable mix of sugar, fruit, and diesel that has set the trend for the past few years.

No.5- Original Glue
Original Glue or GG#4, was bred from a heady mix of Chem's Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. It cuts through the musky earthiness and body-melting effects of Kush and offers a snappy, daytime high with rich piny, almost oniony terps. 

GG is a significant foundation of so many strains.No surprise that it took first place at both the 2014 Cannabis Cups in Los Angeles and Michigan.  

With so many classics still riding high in the top 5 in 2022. what can we expect to see in 2023?? Only time will tell if we will move away from the famous sweet and dessert strains and back to maybe the gassy diesel strains so popular back in the 90s.

Liz Filmer