Steve Martin Sells Mitt Romney's Pot in New York City Park

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Steve Martin steals Letterman’s thunder, opens own park, sells pot, beer and firearms

Late night funnyman David Letterman joked on Wednesday that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had asked him to create a park on Broadway for the tourists, but comedian Steve Martin stole some of his thunder by opening his own park and selling marijuana, beer and and firearms.
Throughout Wednesday night’s show, Letterman checked in to see the tricks Martin was using to attract tourists, which included giving a beer to a minor and selling a loaded handgun with a broken a safety to a woman.
At one point, the Late Show cameras captured Martin dealing weed.
“Is this good pot?” a potential customer asked.
“Absolutely,” Martin replied. “This is the pot that Mitt Romney will be on when he debates Obama. Enjoy the park.”
Using Romney’s name to sell marijuana to tourists may be a good business strategy, but the GOP hopeful is a Mormon who doesn’t drink alcohol, use caffeine or smoke. So it is unlikely that the Republican presidential candidate will be high during the debates or any other time.
AUTHOR: David Edwards

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