San Francisco’s Hippie Hill 420 Gathering Cancelled

Stephen Andrews
18 Apr 2024

With its roots spreading back to the Summer of Love, the 420 Hippie Hill is one of the most famous cannabis events in San Francisco and beyond. Sadly, this year the event is off the calendar, its organizers confirmed. Instead of a 4/20 gathering, the city’s park department will host a sports event on the site.

Every year, the 4/20 event at Hippie Hill brings thousands of cannabis friends to Golden Gate Park. However, not this year. 

Organizers released a statement on Monday, April 15, saying that the 420 Hippie Hill “will not be happening as planned this year.” Citywide budget cuts and the critical financial situation within the cannabis sector were obstacles for fundraising and that led to the cancellation, the announcement said. 

“We will be back next year,” the Instagram post said. “Until then, please join us at Carnaval SF May 25-26, 2024.”

This year’s edition of the event would have been the third since the pandemic swabbed all gatherings in 2020 and 2021. 

Hippie Hill bounced back to life in 2022 when an estimated 20,000 people flocked to the park venue. The 4/20 gathering had been supported by the city for years and typically featured music, entertainment, food and of course weed. 

“We understand the disappointment and hope to make it up with a great event next year,” said organizer Alex Aquino in a separate statement. “We encourage everyone to go support their local equity brands, dispensaries, and lounges on 420 as we all celebrate the plant medicine.”

He said that with his team they hope the next year event will be bigger than ever before. 

Instead of the traditional weed festivity for this April 20th, the park department will host a volleyball and kickball tournament on the site.

San Francisco officials said that the city could not allot the needed finances, which reportedly cost around $40,000 on their side. 

Although the 420’s cancellation might be a disappointment to so many across the Bay Area, the city will certainly have what to offer for the unofficial marijuana holiday. The special deals in the shops will not go away nor any of the other smaller-scale yet bustling with life events and parties in the days leading to and on the day of 420. 

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