Where and When Are Cannabis Festivals?

Stephen Andrews
14 Mar 2024

Whether you are a professional in cultivation or production, or simply an enthusiast and connoisseur who enjoys cannabis recreationally, there are various events that you can check out and join. Cannabis festivals are a great way to have fun with friends while you discover new cool products and attend music concerts. On the other hand, business events and expos are excellent opportunities to network, forge new deals, and get more brand exposure. Here are ten cannabis events and festivals to look forward to in 2024.

1. New England Cannabis Convention, Boston, MA

The New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) is one of the biggest cannabis events in the New England region. In 2024, the NECANN convention is marking its 10th anniversary. The gathering will take place at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, on March 22 & 23. It will bring together in one place major industry players, cannabis entrepeneurs and enthusiasts alike, and it’s a great opportunity for networking, learning and exploring the latest trends and developments in the cannabis sphere. The program covers cultivation and production, but also regulatory matters.

2. National Cannabis Festival, Washington D.C.

The National Cannabis Festival first took place in 2015, right after Washington D.C. legalized the recreational use of marijuana. The 2024 edition of the festival is happening on April 19 & 20 at the RFK Stadium Grounds in Washington, D.C., and it will continue its tradition to celebrate the activities of non-profit organizations who tirelessly work for ending marijuana prohibition. Through its main stage and Policy Summit, the National Cannabis Festival offers a platform for cannabis activists, advocacy partners, industry insiders, lawmakers, community leaders and veterans’ groups. The agenda for the 2024 also includes an exhibitor fair, musical concerts, an educational program, Grower’s World, and a Munchies Zone!

3. 420 Hippie Hill, San Francisco, CA

One of the biggest happenings on April 20, or Four Twenty, the ultimate cannabis holiday, is the Hippie Hill in San Francisco. The festivity always attracts crowds in the thousands. The 420 Hippie Hill is the biggest free cannabis event in California, taking place at Robin Williams Meadow, Golden Gate Park. This year, the event falls on Saturday. The party starts at 10 am and officially finishes at 5pm. The event is a huge celebration of the right to use marijuana, and it’s open to all plant enthusiasts of legal age, or at least 21 years old. The venue accommodates on-site dispensaries, DJ sets, food and beverage, and rest areas. In other words, everything that you need to spend a day out smoking and not giving a damn. 

4. Mile High 420 Festival, Denver, CO

Another big festival held on April 20 is Colorado’s famed Mile High 420. This four twenty celebration opens at 1 pm at the Civic Center Park  in Denver. Everyone aged 21 or above is welcome, and the entrance is free, though you must book the free tickets. This year’s edition also has a limited number of VIP tickets. Guests can enjoy an all day program of live music as well as they can purchase alcohol and food on the site. Smoking is supposedly not allowed. 

5. Lucky Leaf Expo, Minneapolis, MN

Lucky Leaf Minneapolis is one of the most significant cannabis events in the Midwest. The 2024 edition of Lucky Leaf Minneapolis is scheduled to take place at the Minneapolis Convention Center on 26 & 27 April. Besides networking and learning more about the regional cannabis scene, attendees can appreciate the modern architecture of the venue as well as the city’s arts, culture and beautiful parks. 

6. Cannabis Science Conference, Kansas City, MO

The Cannabis Science Conference focuses on the scientific and medicinal sides of cannabis plants. This year’s conference is scheduled for 7-9 May, at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown. It’s definitely the place to be if you’re a cannabis researcher yourself or want to accumulate more knowledge on the therapeutic applications of cannabis. All while enjoying the beautiful Kansas City, its local jazz scene and exquisite barbecue.

7. The Emerald Cup, Oakland, CA 

The Emerald Cup is an annual event that gathers in one place the entire community of California, one of the most exciting cannabis communities in the world. It’s the ultimate place to explore Californian plant genetics and the latest most potent strains. In 2024, this iconic event celebrates its 20th anniversary. The event is scheduled to take place at the historic Henry J. Kaiser Center for the Arts in Oakland, on August 17 & 18. The jubilee edition of the Emerald Cup will feature an extended program, including a “From Then ‘Til Now” Gallery, B2B, Custom Hash Holes, Hand-Blown Glass Exhibition, Cannabis Carnival Games, Podcast Station, Live On-Site Trick Rolling, and a list of great artists and musicians from the local Bay Area. 

8. The HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup, CA/MI

Cannabis cups are all about finding out what are the current best strains and products on the market. One of the most famous cup competitions and festivals in the U.S. is the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup. In 2024, the HIGH TIMES cup will be hosted first in California in the month of August, and then a second event will take place in Detroit, Michigan in November. Past events have shuffled locations and have been hosted in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and others states. The High Times cup originally started in Amsterdam, in 1988. Apart from competitions, it also offers space for educational programs, workshops, and industry expos. 

9. HEMPFEST, Seattle, WA

The Seattle HEMPFEST is one of the world’s oldest and largest marijuana reform rally and a platform that gathers activists and lawmakers who push forward legalization. HEMPFEST is held during the third week of August, usually in Myrtle Edwards and Centennial Parks on the Seattle waterfront. The first editions of the Hempfest were infamous for police enforcement on guests who smoked weed. However, the Seattle event has stayed true to its roots and it continues to influence cannabis culture and activism by far and large.  

10. MJBizCon, Las Vegas, NV

The year ends with MjBizCon, which is billed as the largest cannabis conference in the world. Each edition of the MjBizCon hosts more than 1000 exhibitors and is attended by over 30,000 cannabis enthusiasts and entrepeneurs. In 2024, the event is scheduled for 3-6 December, and traditionally it will be accommodated in the Las Vegas Convention. The event’s agenda also includes a special MjBizFinance Forum, MjBizMarketing Forum, a Science Symposium, Psychedelics Business Forum, Women in Leadership Forum, and much more!

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