Willie Nelson to Release First Ever Cannabis Cookbook

Stephen Andrews
17 May 2024

Willie Nelson has announced the release of a new book of cannabis recipes. The legendary country musician is no longer smoking weed due to his advanced age and associated health risk, however, he is said to have been fond of taking infused snacks instead. Knowing his enthusiasm for cannabis, it’s no surprise that Willie is coming forward with a book of his own.

The 91-year-old musician and cannabis activism force has worked with his spouse Annie on a collection of delicious cannabis-infused food recipes. 

Willie & Annie Nelson’s Cannabis Cookbook is due to be released on November 12 via Gallery Books, and it’s all about “cooking with good vibes only.” 

“The recipes themselves are delicious and easy to make at home. Buffalo wings, chocolate cake, fried chicken. Only the good stuff,” it says in the book description.

A special chapter in the 256-page book will also cover how to prepare basic cannabis-infused ingredients, such as “cannabutter, finishing oil, simply syrups, sugars, salts, and tinctures.” 

“Each recipe provides a cannabis kick to ease the mind as much as the body, making their cookbook an exciting, comforting, and lively way to dive into their story, as they draw from meals shared with family, friends, and fans alike,” it says in the description. 

While this will be Willie’s first family book, and the first ever on a cannabis-related topic, he has previously authored two other books, both of which are New York Times bestsellers. Willie: An Autobiography was published in 1988, and The Facts of Life and Other Dirty Jokes was published in 2003. 

Earlier this year, the senior musician and cannabis icon teamed up with gay country music singer Orville Peck for a joint cover of Ned Sublette’s 1981 song “Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond of Each Other.” Nelson also appeared as a guest on  Beyoncé’s first country album Cowboy Carter

Besides publishing a book, Nelson this year will also tour together with Bob Dylan. The start of his North American ‘Outlaw Music Festival Tour’ is scheduled for next month. 

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