Tyson 2.0 Unveils Ear-Shaped "Mike Bites" Edibles

Stephen Andrews
17 Mar 2022

Perhaps the most infamous highlight of Mike Tyson's boxing career was that time 25 years ago when he bit his opponent's ear and got disqualified from the World Boxing Association Heavyweight. Fast forward today, Tyson's cannabis company is introducing ear-shaped marijuana edibles dubbed "Mike Bites." The unique gummies are complete with a bite mark at the top, on the exact spot where the former boxing champ took off a chunk of opponent Holyfield's ear cartilage.


An ear-chomping incident in 1997 between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield served as an inspiration for Tyson's cannabis brand, Tyson 2.0, to launch the new product. The company unveiled the bizarre ear-shaped munch over its social media channels on Tuesday (15 March). Responding to a tweet about the latest product, Tyson wrote, "These ears actually taste good!" 

The quirky-shaped gummies have been several months in the making and are available for purchase at dispensaries in California, Massachusetts and Nevada.

Tyson joined the cannabis industry back in 2016 after co-founding Tyson Holistic Holdings. His company's signature products include Dwiink, a CBD-based bottled beverage, and The Toad, a robust indica cannabis strain with 37% THC content. Growing and developing the products took place at Tyson Ranch, the boxer's 420-acre cannabis resort in California

Last year, Tyson also launched a second cannabis company, i.e., Tyson 2.0, where he acts as a chief brand officer alongside Chad Bronstein on board as chairman and Adam Wilks as the company's CEO. 

Notoriously known as "the baddest man on the planet," Tyson began his legendary boxing career with a first-round knock-out win in 1985. The boxing champ turned businessman also has plans to launch a university at his ranch where enrolled candidates can hone skills in cannabis cultivation. 

Tyson has said in previous interviews that cannabis has helped him a lot during his 20-year-long boxing career. He has praised the plant medicine for helping him recover from injuries and deal with pain from surgeries. 

The news of the "Mike Bites" edibles release has quickly spiraled around social media and promises to become Tyson's brand hot new product. The item was also retweeted by social media influencer and content creator Greg Baroth who likened the product idea to be "genius."

The Holyfield's ear incident cost Tyson a year of suspension from boxing and paying a $3 million fine. Tyson and Holyfield seem to have made peace with each other ever since. Holyfield said he "forgave" Tyson in a 2019 episode of the podcast "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson," whereas Tyson replied by pitching an ear-shaped candy to him. 

"You might be in business because we're going to make some holy ears," he said. "Edible ears that got a bit taken out of them. Holy ears." 

Podcast co-host at the time, Eben Britton, then made a joke about taking a mold of Holyfield's ear. "Well, I could do that," Tyson replied. 

Now that the edible ears are out and about, Tyson fans will surely munch the punch. Whether Holyfield receives a chunk of the profits, it remains to see. 

Stephen Andrews