From THC Dosage to Labeling, the Things to Check When You Buy Cannabis Products

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05 Oct 2020

Buying cannabis products can be a real adventure. Legal cannabis retailers where you can supply your weekly pot stash as well as medical cannabis dispensaries, have all the different kinds of products you can imagine. It might be challenging to choose from everything that’s on the shelves and pick the one product that will soothe your needs. A little inquiry can certainly do you a favor.

The good thing about having a diversity of cannabis products such as all the different cannabis edibles, from gummies to drinks to powders you can sip in your orange juice in the morning, is really great. It means there exists a cannabis product for every occasion. But if you are new to experimenting with cannabis edibles and products, and if smoking ganja is all you’ve known so far, then it’s good to know several aspects to be aware when you go for ‘shopping’. What to buy and what not to buy, where’s the marketing trick, and where on the shelf is the real product that will get you high in no time and leave you craving for some more.

How to Go About Buying Cannabis Products?

Let’s start with the obvious things you should know about buying different cannabis products and move on to the things you might forget to check when in the dispensary.

The packaging of a particular cannabis product should look no different than the packaging of other products you purchased at the grocery store. Regardless of the type of edible you buy, the packaging should contain information on the ingredients inside the product, the way it’s supposed to be used, as well as that there’s nutrition and allergy information and contact information to the provider. Also, from the packaging, you should be able to see if the cannabis contained was infused into oil or butter, or if the product was spiced up with THC thanks to solvent-based extractions. If solvent was used, you should be further able to read from the packaging which one.

You don’t want to buy anything that’s obscured the information the product has cannabis. That should be disclosed on the packaging as clearly as possible, either with a prominent marijuana leaf or any other sign that would inform unsuspicious users like your mom or your little sibling that the cookie you hide next to your socks and underwear is a cannabis product. Of course, if someone else finds your secret stash, they might be either more tempted to try it out or angrier at you (if that’s your disapproving parent). The point with the straight forward label is simple. You don’t want that the product ends up in the hands of someone who should not consume cannabis, who’s not supposed to consume or who doesn’t want to consume any cannabis.

Depending on your THC needs and tolerance, you may want to buy a cannabis edible that will enable you to have a fulfilling ‘high’ experience. Some products contain a minimal dosage of THC, so little that you won’t even feel the effects of ingesting it in your stomach. Incomparable even with taking a smoke for a single time. If you are not sure about the dosages, you can always ask the vendor which edibles are stronger and which are weaker. However, below is some more info for your consideration.

  • Cannabis edibles with up to 15mg THC: may offer mild effects, such as mild pain or anxiety relief. If the edible is between 5mg and 15mg, you are still likely to experience moderate effects, including short-lived euphoria, altered perception and affected coordination. These products are ideal for first-time users or those who enjoy cannabis in small dosages. 
  • Cannabis edibles dosed between 15mg and 30mg THC: may make the consumer experience stronger euphoria, may alter perception and might impair coordination. These products already pass the “boundary lines” for inexperienced users. Products containing more than 15mg are better suited for occasional and/or regular users.
  • Products above 30mg THC: will certainly induce euphoria and are likely to affect perception and coordination. Non-experienced users may feel an array of adverse effects from taking stronger products. The more THC there is in the edible, the greater the chances of adverse effects, including nausea, restlessness, and heart palpitations. Avoid alcohol to avoid vomiting. 

In a nutshell, choose products with THC that’s appropriate for your experience with cannabis and with your current or recent intake. Even if you are a regular user, but made a two-week break from cannabis, you shouldn’t take an edible with say 150mg THC as it may induce negative effects even though you previously had many late-night sessions with Mary Jane.

Where Else to Pay Attention?

Yes, there are a couple of other things. Despite THC, you want to know information on other cannabinoids contained in the edible. For instance, you might be buying a cookie that has little THC but is abundant with CBD, thus this information should be visible on the packaging. 

If you are checking a product on the internet, prior to ordering, it’s good that you also check if there are any reviews other people have left. Of course, sometimes, reviews can be biased or fail to provide accurate information on a product you are interested in buying. You can always make additional inquiries about a product, such as writing a message to the online dispensary or asking the vendor in a physical dispensary. The same goes for when you think about what strains you should supply. Since we mentioned strains, this may be super important for you, especially if you are using specific strains for specific effects you want to generate in your body. So, if you were looking for products that can tackle your anxiety, inquire if there’s any product that’s infused with a strain you’ve previously used for anxiety. 

Finally, cannabis products and edibles are not synonymous. You would be surprised to know of the sheer diversity of cannabis products launched in recent years. For instance, you can treat chronic pain with gum or tea containing cannabis, but also, you can opt for topical balm, bath salt, and even tampons for painful periods. 

Bottom line 

There are so many different cannabis products and that’s amazing. Importantly, you want to find those products that will suit their purpose. If you are buying edibles just because you want to have some fun times is one thing. If you are on the outlook for products that may alleviate the symptoms of a certain condition which you might want to medicate with cannabis, it’s an entirely different thing. So, always make your inquiry if you don’t feel sure about something, or if you don’t know certain information about a product. Vendors will usually answer most of your questions. 

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