Summer of 2022 Trending Strains

Stephen Andrews
11 Jul 2022

The heat is on. Whether you wake and bake or are the midnight toker, the internet's largest aggregator of cannabis strains information Leafly has the top flower picks that are reigning America for this summer. They all smell fantastic and hit pretty good and hard.

From sweet fruity strains to those with strong sour scents, there is something for everyone. What most of these strains have in common: different breeders are rediscovering classics and pimping them up for customers today. So, let's have a look. 

Double OG Chem

The first strain on the list is calling back the '90s. Double OG Chem is a fantastic crossmatch of OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Chemdog. The brainchild of Rebel Grown Seeds, this strain swept up at the Emerald Cup Awards 2022 last May. Rebel Grown breeder Dan Pomerantz says Double OG Chem will make you hungry, giggly, and relaxed. Just the right kind of therapy amid the madness the world is in right now. 

Double OG Chem is available in dozens of Cali dispensaries. Outside California, it can be picked by different names. If you notice anything OGs, Chems, Sours, and Glues that wasn't there before, it just might be the stash of Double OG Chem you are looking for. 

Animal Face

A cross between Face-Off OG and Animal Mints, this is yet another winner strain, crowned the Leafy Buzz and Leafly Strain of 420 for 2022. One of the hottest to have indoor flowers right now, Animal Face is not for newbies. It smells like a dank cookie and has some withering levels of THC.


A combination of Rainbow Sherbet V2 and Pink Guava #16 F2: Zoap is a Zkittlez cross that promisses electric cerebral high. Last month, this strain won Best Overall at the 2022 Zalympix Championship in downtown LA. Breeders DEO Farms crossmatched Zkittlez and OG Eddy Lepp to get a Pink Guava and added Sunset Sherbet to make a Rainbow Sherbet. The resulting strain Zopa is a tropical fruity candy with dank creamy aroma worth every hit from the bong.

Dream Cake

Foxy Cannabis' combo of Wedding Cake x Sunset Sherbert aka Dream Cake is another must-try strain in the coming months. Its quantity is limited as its breeder Foxy Cannabis is really picky about what bits of the flower to collect. Dream Cake is currently available for delivery in LA and across California. However, anticipate similar hybrid cake strains to pop up all over the scene later this summer. 


Pearadise combines Peach Oz and Kosher Kush for a unique, paradisiacal, and pear-fuel scent. From the master breeders at Team Elite Genetics, this cannabis strain is currently billed as one of the best daytime hybrid sativas. Pearadise is tipped to win the next High Times Cannabis Cup SoCal People's Choice 2022 for sativa flowers.

trending marijuana strains summer of 2022.

Apple Tartz 

Apple Fritter made the top 20 US strains thanks to its superior genetics. Its predecessor Runtz was named Leafly Strain of the Year in 2020 and quickly stormed the nation's top 10 flavors. By fusing the purple of Runtz and the green of Fritter, Apple Tartz achieves the perfect balance of sweet, tart, and creamy flavors. It leans on the Cookie/Diesel side, but what really makes it stand out is its Zkittlez spice. 

Georgia Pie

At this year's Oregon Leaf Bowl, Georgia Pie (Gellati x Kush Mints) won gold in the mixed-light category. A fusion of rich, fruity flavors and fresh-baked bread scent, Georgia Pie is a mesmerizing strain with a thick layer of trichomes enveloping its buds and sugar leaves. But, it's the sweet peachy scent this flower has that will steal your heart and mind.

BernieHana Butter

This one is one tough cookie of a GSC cross: (Jet Fuel Gelato x Guava) x (Blue Cookies x Oreoz). BernieHana Butter is set to give you the full-body medical-like buzz. Its butter and dough aroma mix with funk, floral, berry and gas. An excellent strain to calm and just chill.

Purple Octane

One more novelty of the GSC lineage. Purple Octane is the result of combining Biscotti, Sherb BX1, and Jealousy F2. It comes with a grapey, gassy, and cookie scent and is the ideal pick for purple lovers who like a strong hit of THC. 


Need more strain options to send you back to the late '90s? Say no more. Y2K will do the trick just like any old-school Bay Area indica should. Alien Labs hunted down an ancient purple strain and it spiced up with its own legendary Dosidos x Gelato #41. Alien Labs' Ted Lidie told Leafly: "We found a dope Purple Urkle S1 from [breeder] CSI Humboldt and crossed it to our Planet Dosi—selected exclusively for the artificial grape terp and indica-style power." Anyone who has enjoyed Dosidos must not miss this one out.

Hindu Phunk

B-Real's brand Insane is reviving an old seed of the deep indica classic Hindu Kush, resulting in another 2022 winner - Hindu Phunk. It's icy, frosty, dark, and mysterious. A minty hash taste perfect for those who like a heavy indica hit. 

Chemical Compound

And one more for everyone who's into heavy indicas, don't forget to check out Chemical Compound. This flower comes from Nevada brand Pistola. An astonishing cross of GMO Cookies and Otter Popz that is quick to hit in the head. One of the best hybrids right now. 

Red Bullz

Last but not least, there is Compound Genetics' Red Bullz for anyone who's into Runtz. With a strong grape candy scent, it's tropical, spicy and fuel-like at the same time. High on THC, this is an ideal pick for any concert-goer this summer or for a night of gaming marathon. 

Stephen Andrews