How to Grow Do Si Dos?

Stephen Andrews
10 Feb 2022

Do-Si-Dos or "dosidos" is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a THC content that can range between 20-30%, plus a relatively high CBG content of 1%. Do Si Dos first came to notice in 2016 and quickly became a popular choice among users. Most recently, Do Si Dos earned the accolade "strain of the year" for 2021 by Leafly, the largest online aggregator on cannabis strain information. In this article, find out what makes Do Si Dos such a unique strain and how you can grow it.

Do-Si-Dos plants go by many names. Its spelling variations include "dosidos" or just "dosi," but you can also find it as Girl Scout Cookies Do Si Dos (Girl Scout Cookies is one of its parent strains), Cookie Face, Raspberry Cookies, or even Peanut Butter strain. 

Dosidos plants grow into beautiful-looking flowers. Have bright glossy trichomes, vivid pistils, and striking lavender and lime green leaves. 

Genetics: Dosidos is 70% indica and 30% sativa. It borrows its genetics from Face-Off OG, a potent Californian indica cultivar rich in CBG. Its other parent strain is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookie. The most potent Dosidos buds can show as much as 30% THC in lab tests. However, the THC level is usually lower than that, scoring an average at around 20-24% THC. Thanks to Face-Off OG, Dosidos also has 1% CBG, the cannabinoid praised for its number of medical benefits. 

Taste and flavor: Anticipate a solid fruity fragrance mix of mint, pine and lime. The pungent aroma transforms into a typical skunky diesel flavor when you move to smoke. 

Terpenes: The dominant terpene in Dosi is limonene, to which you can attribute the citrus-like fragrance of this strain. Limonene is prevalent in several other yummy strains such as Purple Hindu Kush, Wedding Cake, White Fire OG, Banana OG, and Tahoe OG. 

Effects: Dosidos most noticeable effects fall within the calming and sleepy end of the spectrum. Some users praise it as it can induce their creativity. According to Leafly, which collects feedback from users on the effects of various strains, of 700+ people who've reported on Dosidos, above 80% say it's a relaxing strain, some 50% describe it as a happy, and around 45% say it's a sleepy strain. 

Medical uses: Those who seek cannabis to boost their mental health can find great comfort in Dosidos. This strain can help tackle depression, stress, sleeplessness, and restlessness. It can also help with pain management. 

Side effects: The most common adverse reaction from Dosidos is cottonmouth. Occasionally, users report feeling dizziness and dry eyes. Due to the high amounts of THC may not be the easiest strain for inexperienced users who may also report headaches and paranoia. In this case, having a warm drink, taking a shower, or lying down can help. 

Lifestyle: From those who strictly seek cannabis as their preferred medicine to those who just want to dab and stare at the wall for the next half an hour, it appears Dosidos is versatile and can appeal to all kinds of folks. It's a decent night smoke, and it can also be a nice choice during the day. However, doing it during the day can make users feel a bit tired and want to rest. 

Growing difficulty: While it takes advanced grower skills to garden this indica-dominant cultivar, Dosidos can be handled by less experienced growers as well. It's a strain that reacts negatively to stress caused by excess heat, too powerful lights, and overfeeding. It's also sensitive to humidity, so managing humidity is another crucial step. Training methods such as knowing how to defoliate may also be necessary to improve yields as well as knowing how to control odor in the grow room. 

Flowering: Indoors, it takes between 8-9 weeks or on average 63-67 days; outdoors, it begins to flower throughout late September and early October. 

how to grow do si dos cannabis.

How to grow Do-Si-Dos?

Do Si Dos can be grown indoors and outdoors. It's a strain with a medium to heavy yield, and if grown correctly can produce above 20 ounces of weed. Training can help contribute to a more generous outcome. Dosidos plants tend to reach an average height indoors, however, they can grow pretty tall outdoors. You can grow in soil mix, or you can grow in hydroponics. 

Do Si Dos plants grow similar to Girl Scout Cookies plants, so having the experience of growing Girl Scout can be very helpful with dosi. 

Most growers prefer to grow Do Si Dos inside, where warm and humid conditions are maintained. Outside, Do Si Dos will thrive in temperatures between 75°-82°F. Exposure to cold nighttime temperatures will help reveal the full spectrum of colors typical for this plant. 

How to train and feed Do Si Dos plants?

Training can be done in three-four different stages. The initial training can be performed when Do Si Dos plants are two weeks into the vegetation phase. Start with topping, gently removing the top of each plant, slightly spreading the leaves, and breaking off the tiny new growth that shows up from beneath. 

When three or four weeks into the vegetation, dosi plants should start growing really quickly. This is when you have humidity levels set around 65% and water every four days. The temperature in the grow room is ideally set between 75 and 80°F. A second training session entails removing all bottom growth and fan leaves that cover bud sites. This is supposed to help Dosidos plants become bushier, wider, and produce more bud sites.

While you want to be modest with how much nutrients you give to the plant up until this point, you can now begin to bump up the dosage. Once you see that your Dosidos crops are becoming stalky, that's a good sign. You can additionally perform defoliation. 

Conduct another round of training on week six of vegetation. This is when you can even out the canopy with wire. Use clips to hold down branches. 

Then, two weeks within flowering, defoliate again to remove remaining lower fan leaves and anything that may be covering bud sites. 

Between weeks six and eight, Dosidos may require more and more nutrients, more so than other strains at this point of growth. While you can dispense those extra nutrients, don't forget to get a good flush before flowering completes to get a clean final product.

Where else to pay attention?

The first thing is smell management. The other thing is knowing Dosidos' weaknesses; this is a plant sensitive to extra light for example, but it generally doesn't like stress from anything that's extra.

Dosidos plants emit a strong smell during growing, especially when they enter the flowering stage, so packing your grow room with an exhaust fan and carbon filters may be necessary. 

During late flowering, special attention is needed, such as a close watch on humidity levels. Too low humidity and Dosidos plants will transpire too much. 

Grow lights should not be kept too close to avoid stress. If you use LEDs, turn the power to 25% at the beginning of the growing cycle and gradually increase to 50% and later to 75% and monitor closely how your plants react. If you notice there're burns on the tops of the crops, make sure you decrease the power of your lights or take action to distance the grow lights further away from the tops. 

how to grow dosidos cannabis.

Bonus tip: When growing, harvesting, drying and curing is all done, there are a number of ways how you can use Do Si Dos cannabis. Do Si Dos is one of those strains you can easily press into Rosin. The extract will almost certainly have a nice buttery consistency which if you give it a time of two-three weeks, it will even get better. It's one of the best rosins you can get!

Stephen Andrews