The Perfect Grow, Ep. 10: Hard Work Pays Off

Soft Secrets
20 Apr 2023

Nothing goes better with good homegrown weed than good homemade burgers, and a great company to pass around that joint. The final episode of season 1 from The Perfect Grow series is here, and our grow master Drew Anger, who was with us throughout the whole time, finally gets to taste the yummy fruits of his hard labor. Wrapping up, whether you are a new or seasoned grower, we hope you’ve picked some tips and advice on how to grow your own cannabis at home by watching the series.

In the last couple of months, we took you on a journey where we showed you how to settle your grow tent, how to install grow lights, what soil and nutrient mix to use, how to prune and lollipop cannabis plants for better yield, and how to flip your plants to flower. We now know that picking up your seeds is one of the most important parts of having a perfect grow, as well as ensuring it germinates properly. The harvest is as important, as well as leaving the buds to dry for two-three weeks and then put them in a jar to let them cure for three more weeks. So, after all of this is done, the day comes when you finally get to taste the result of your hard work, and honestly, nothing beats the serenity of that moment. Smoking weed that you know you grew yourself.

This grow project went pretty smoothly, and the results have definitely been there. That would have not been possible without the main sponsors of the series, such as Royal Queen Seeds. The access to their many great products has really helped unlock the potential of the grow.

Tasting Your Homegrown Cannabis

Some final thoughts before we close the season. We took off on this project with a pretty average budget so that it would be convenient for everyone to get started having every necessary tool that can help them along the way. It’s good to know that the expensive part is now behind. All the future grows, once you have the equipment, it’s all going to be cheaper in the future. You don’t have to buy a tent, lights, and stuff like that again. Just resupply seeds, soil and nutrients as needed. Even if you don’t plan to grow more weed in the future, you can resell the equipment for a pretty much good price if it stays in good condition.

Tasting Your Homegrown Cannabis

First time growing three or four plants is really about getting to know the process and the grow environment. It takes a few more rounds of growing the same weed to dial that in and increase the yield of your grow. So, don’t get disappointed if you don’t get as much in your first harvest.

For any questions that you may have, feel free to drop your comments on YouTube. Drew is there to answer, as well as a big network of growers with cumulative experience that follows The Perfect Grow series. They can answer pretty much any question you might have related to growing your own home medicine.

Tasting Your Homegrown Cannabis

We are already working on season 2 where we will come up with some great new content, and we will bring you new tips and tricks on how to further perfect your cannabis growing skills. So, subscribe to our YouTube channel if you aren’t already, connect with other growers from around the globe, and wait for more cool and educational videos.

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Hard Work Pays Off | The Perfect Grow | EP10
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