The Perfect Grow Ep. 3: Picking the Perfect Seed From the Best Weed Strains

Soft Secrets
26 Jan 2023

Thanks to technological advances we have multiple ways to reproduce plants, such as cloning and tissue culture. But seeds are by far the most basic and accessible way to start growing Cannabis. In the third episode of Soft Secret’s Perfect Grow series, grow expert Drew Anger explains how cannabis plants reproduce and the process of selective breeding needed to get ideal cultivars. He also consults with his friend Max from France, a seasoned veteran in growing weed, to get advice on the best weed strains to choose for our ongoing growing project.

Drew Anger holding potting ground meant for cultivating cannabis

Why Are We Growing from Seed?

Now that we have set up our growing tent for weed, it's time to start growing! Like any plant, the main goal of cannabis in life is to reproduce. The most natural way for these plants to reproduce is to create seeds. So basically, there’s a male cannabis plant, and a female cannabis plant. While females produce the buds that we smoke, the males produce pollen with the function to fertilize those buds and create seeds.

For people who are just growing flowers from the best weed strains to harvest a smoke, males are completely useless because they will only fertilize the buds and produce seeds. However, when breeding cannabis strains, we need a good healthy male and a good healthy female in order to produce strong viable seeds.

When you plant a seed, you will get a complete genetic cross of both a mother plant and a father plant. But every seed is a little bit different. Each seed will have its own unique genetics, just like two human siblings that come from the same mother and the same father develop unique body traits like different color of the eyes, different hair, so on and so forth. 

With cannabis, after generations and generations of selective breeding, people started to realize that we can stabilize these genetics. This makes it possible to have every seed being very similar to its brothers and sisters, with all the right genetic traits that we want, creating the best weed strains possible. This is what essentially turns cannabis plants from a weed or a bush to these beautiful heavy plants of many fruits that give us a smoking pleasure.

What’s the best weed strain to use for The Perfect Grow series?

While selecting the best weed strain to use for our series, we’ve listed a few requirements that it should live up to:

  • High THC volume
  • Gassy smell
  • Tight bud bag appeal

When grow expert Drew Anger asks his friend Max for a recommendation on the best weed strains with all of the qualities above, the answer he gets is Wedding Gelato. This strain is a very strong hybrid; a cross from parent strains Wedding Cake and Gelato. So, basically this is the best cannabis strain to use throughout The Perfect Grow series!

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