The Perfect Grow: Learn How to Grow Cannabis in 10 Episodes

Soft Secrets
12 Jan 2023

Have you always wanted to learn how to grow weed but did not know where to start? Or perhaps you’ve tried already but encountered some issues along the way, which caused things not to work out as you imagined. Look no further, because you are in the perfect place to get started again. Professional grower Drew Anger welcomes you to the Soft Secrets channel and our brand new series, The Perfect Grow: Learn How to Grow Cannabis in 10 Episodes. With a new video each week, Drew will lead you on a 3-month journey teaching you everything there is to know, so you can learn how to grow cannabis yourself. This includes subjects such as setting up a grow tent and getting to know your equipment, or how to cure your buds for that perfect smell and smoke your friends are going to love.

Grower Drew Anger cultivating his plants in a growing tent

Who is Drew Anger?

Drew has grown cannabis professionally for quite some time now, and we are more than happy to have him share some tips and secrets with us during The Perfect Grow series. You might recognize his voice from some of his other YouTube channels, Grow Lab and Drew Build Stuff.

Drew Anger grew up in the countryside in Ontario, Canada, where the winters are a bit cold, but there's a lot of space, and the summers are perfect for growing cannabis outdoors. He started out as an amateur grower, however he has turned his seasonal passion into a full-time career after opening his own micro-cultivation facility.

How Drew will teach you how to grow Cannabis

During the course of 12 weeks, Drew Anger will show you each step of the process when growing cannabis in a home environment. Ultimately teaching you how to grow your own weed using the best methods. From how to set up your growing room to how to cultivate your favorite strain, Drew will guide your journey from start to finish.

As Drew remarks in the introduction video, the technology and the knowledge around growing weed have tremendously changed. It's now easier than ever to learn how to grow high-quality cannabis right in the comfort of your own home.

Along the way, viewers will also get some tips and pointers from industry insiders and friends who are willing to share some valuable wisdom with all of us.

The topics covered in The Perfect Grow:

  • Setting up for the first time and getting to know your equipment
  • Picking up a strain and germinating the seeds
  • Feeding the right nutrients while growing cannabis
  • Topping and pruning cannabis plants for a maximum yield
  • Harvest, drying, and trimming
  • Curing the buds for a strong, distinct smell and fantastic flavor
  • Common mistakes to avoid after learning how to grow cannabis

Soft Secrets has teamed up with some of the biggest players in the industry to bring forward The Perfect Grow series. We are most happy to present to you this unique ten-part breeding series.

Be sure to follow along and watch the first episode of The Perfect Grow series below. Due to an age restriction the video can only be watched on YouTube! Subscribing would be greatly appreciated!

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