Lizzo Makes Way for Hemp Eyelashes

Stephen Andrews
22 Dec 2023

The Detroit-born singer is among the celebrities that openly posts about cannabis on her Instagram and has everyone wanting for more juice with the stories she shares. If you are following Lizzo, you would also know that her outfits and appearance are always very much inspirational and courageous, carefully ideated down to every detail. Lizzo recently showed up with eyelashes made of hemp-derived fiber, and that’s what everybody has been talking about lately.

Hemp has been making its splash in the beauty category for a while now. One of its latest promoters is Lizzo, the hip-hop star who was named “Entertainer of the Year” in 2019 by Time Magazine

Lizzo recently started a new Instagram trend, and it’s all about eyelashes made from hemp-derived fiber. 

The Grammy-awarded singer has always known how to put on a great style. Her choices also tell us that she cares about the details, too. Like her eyelashes. 

According to Glamour, Lizzo can thank her personal makeup artist Alexx Mayo for picking her new fancy eyelashes made of hemp, which she first wore at this year’s Emmys. 

The brand he opted for reportedly is Velour Beauty Cloud Nine, and it says that the lashes are made from vegan plant fibers and are 90% biodegradable. The Toronto-based company launched the hemp lashes last February and also claim they are first in the world to come up with this innovative product. 

Hemp for Making Eyelashes… Really? 

Many people were surprised to find out that hemp-derived fiber can be actually used for making beauty products such as eyelashes. Hemp is certainly not the first material you think of, if you ever give a thought at all what eyelashes are made of. 

But, there are so many arguments why hemp is the perfect option even in this case. Hemp is a durable material. So many other clothing and accessory fashion items are made of it nowadays, including bags, pants, shoes, hats, etc. 

Eyelashes made from hemp fiber can be used up to 20 times. In contrast, artificial eyelashes made out of synthetics can be reused up to five times. 

The eyelashes offered from Velour Beauty are entirely environment-friendly, it seems. The company says they’re sold in reusable packaging; they’re entirely cruelty-free and stay away from mink fur which is one of the animal products commonly used in manufacture of eyelashes. 

Several Instagram accounts dedicated to Lizzo’s makeup style show that she now often wears hemp-derived lashes from the Canadian brand. Wearing dramatic lashes is part of her image. The multi-talented star demonstrates a certain level of commitment to protecting nature with her unordinary choice of lashes. Well, that’s a way to go girl!

I can only wonder what 2024 will bring in hemp and fashion!

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Stephen Andrews