How to Grow Runtz Cannabis?

Stephen Andrews
16 May 2024

Runtz or Runtz OG is an exceptional hybrid weed strain, and one that has certainly stayed popular with cannabis connoisseurs in the U.S. and abroad. Runtz is known for its sweet and fruity flavor profile, and the long-lasting uplifting high it gives. In this article, learn some of the key information about Runtz cannabis strain and how you can grow it at home.

Genetics: Runtz is a very special hybrid cannabis strain, a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, released by Cookies and Berner houses. The same strain is also encountered as Gelato Zkittlez, as released by Purple Caper Seeds. The Runtz strain is 50-50 indica and sativa, while its THC contents can range between 18% and 29% depending on where the seed is sourced. 

Taste and Flavor: Runtz is particularly appreciated for its rich fruity and sugary flavor profile. Both the flavor and the smell are like tasting candy. Some varieties, such as Pink Runtz, have a berry aftertaste in addition to being sugary. 

Terpenes: The dominant terpene in Runtz is Caryophyllene, and the strain also has Phellandrene, β-Pinene, D-Limonene, Myrcene and Linalool. 

Effects: Runtz generates superior euphoric effect with a lingering happy and cheerful high. Immediately after consuming there’s an intense head high, which is then followed by a body high that settles in around 10-15 minutes later. The body high usually starts in the back part of the head before spreading down the spine and tingling the fingers. It’s uplifting and relaxing at the same time, which means you can still engage in various types of activities. But don’t underestimate the strength of Runtz. If you are inexperienced with cannabis, Runtz might give you a couch-lock. 

Medical uses: Runtz cannabis is commonly used for relaxation, stress relief and chronic pain relief. The strain is also used among those fighting anxiety, depression and insomnia. The pain relief qualities of Runtz are superior, so to speak. When used for pain, Runtz subdues the pain points completely, offering much-needed comfort for the person who suffers. The strain eases tension in the muscles and reduces inflammation, therefore it’s appropriate to use for conditions such as arthritis or muscle fatigue from workout. It can also be given to cancer patients who undergo chemo treatment, to stimulate appetite and help with nausea

Side effects: The most common adverse effects from Runtz are dry eyes and mouth, so make sure to take in plenty of fluids as you consume this strain. Novice cannabis users should not underestimate the strength of this strain, and if they are entirely new to weed they should use it little by little to avoid experiencing any negative emotions. 

Lifestyle: This balanced yet potent marijuana strain is ideal for those who want to loosen up a little bit all while staying engaged with the world around them. 

Growing Difficulty: The Runtz cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow. Thanks to its sativa genes, growers can anticipate taller cannabis plants, which produce between 15-18 ounces of weed. 

Flowering: Indoors Runtz plants are ready for harvest in about 8 weeks on average. Outdoors, growers can prepare for harvest around mid-October if they of course live in the northern hemisphere. 

how to grow the Runtz weed strain

What to Expect While Growing Runtz Cannabis? 

The Runtz cannabis strain is relatively easy to grow both indoors and outdoors, although growers may face certain challenges with nutrition, training, and managing the tall plants. 

Grown indoors, Runtz plants produce around 15 ounces of weed, or only 1-2 ounces of weed per square foot. Outdoors, the yield will be slightly bigger, or around 18 ounces on average per plant. 

Once you start growing your own Runtz plants, it may feel like the sativa genetics are dominating. This strain is indeed a towering monster, and it can reach as much as six feet in height, which might be a tricky moment for new growers. If you are not sure whether you can handle such a big plant in an indoor setting, and have the option to grow outdoors, opt for outdoors. Otherwise, high-stress training can always help you tame down the Runtz. 

Considering the amount of feed that Runtz strains require during growth, it might not be the biggest yield in your life. Collecting around 15 ounces of weed per plant is slightly below the average. But importantly, you will be getting high-quality cannabis with indisputable therapeutic and recreational benefits. And in the end, that’s all that counts. 

Which Training Methods to Apply for the Runtz Strain? 

Runtz plants are not prone to branch off, so a preferred training technique in this case would be Screen of Green. Scrogging can help you manipulate the Runtz strain to grow outward instead of upward. 

Runtz is also a cultivar that tends to form dense foliage, which may prevent the free passage of air and light through all parts of the plant. Topping and pruning this strain can be helpful to reduce the excess of green and promote equal bud growth on all parts of the specimen. 

How to Nutrient Feed Runtz Weed? 

Runtz is a ferocious eater, even though it does not produce as much weed for the food it consumes. Plants grow quickly and demand more nutrients than most other strains. Therefore, be ready to feed and water your Runtz plants most regularly. 

The main advice is to add extra Nitrogen during the veg phase, but also monitor the plants for any signs of nutrient burn. The most prominent sign for nutrient burn is browning and yellowing on the leaves tips and margins, and also stunted growth, so watch out for that. 

In order to thrive, Runtz plants also need well-draining, nutrient-rich soil with pH parameters between 6.0 and 6.5. You can use both organic feeds or bottled formulas that are administered to the plants according to a specific schedule. 

What Is the Optimal Environment for This Strain? 

Runtz wants warm climates with daily temperatures ranging between 70-80°F and slightly cooler night temperatures

The strain generally responds well to powerful indoor lighting, including LED and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. Outdoors, it’s important to protect plants during exceptionally hot periods of the day by providing them shade

In a grow room, keep humidity at moderate levels, such as between 40-50% during veg phase, and then slightly decrease when the plants enter flowering, to 35-40%. 

Keep the room properly ventilated to prevent issues such as powdery mildew or pests infestations. Runtz is sensitive to aphids, spider mites, and fungus, so regularly scanning the plants for infestations is recommended. Always work with clean gardening tools and apply organic pest solutions if you notice bugs that are not supposed to be there. 

Where Can You Purchase Runz Seeds? 

While your local dispensary might not have an available pack of Runtz seeds, this strain can be supplied from various cannabis seed banks around. Runtz cultivars can be found either auto or feminized and some of the seed banks to check include Royal Queen Seeds, Seedsman, Crop King Seeds, ILGM, Herbies, MSNL Seeds, and more. 

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